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Personal Myth: A Short Story Of Altsoba Essay

Personal Myth Altsoba, was a girl that is about the age of 15. She live in a world where it’s normal for smaller kids or kids like her to be walking around town by themselves, she was one of those kids when she was younger. Her home was in a town called Red Swing, it this little town on the map of North Dakota. But towards the end of her third grade year is when everything changed for Altsoba. Being used to little town life really changes the view of when you go to other places. Expecting big towns to be just like where you came from, where everybody knows everyone. But in reality it’s different, way different.

When Altsoba went to live with her dad she was in a state of shock, he lived in this big town, with many schools and a lot a different people. A new town meant new people, and unfortunately new school. Altsoba wasn’t really used to having to be a new kid in a new school, but over time it kept happening over and over again. So it became like a regular thing. But when the first time it happened, it was scary for her. The first person to actually make a move into talking to her was this girl named Eloise, she wasn’t Altsoba’s best friend the rest of the year but she was a good friend to her.

In class Altsoba sat in front of the class, and that day the class was just on the second day of learning to write cursive. She felt so nervous to the point of where it felt like she needed to throw up. She was quiet and shy the rest of the day. Altsoba just wanted to go home and never go back, she didn’t want to go to that school ever again. But eventually she had to, overtime Altsoba didn’t make a lot of friends, but made some and learned to like the school. She just had to find the happiness in life and in every situation that she was in.

But Altsoba always hoped one day things would get better. That she would get to go back to where she felt like was home, things could go back to the way they are. But eventually she started to like where she lived more and more as the years passed. There was a little part of her that wanted her other home, even though she ignored it. Things were always rough times at where she lived, even though most people expect it to have less problems compared to where she came from. But in all truth and honesty it was typically the same kind of problems all around.

But overall she had a second home, everyday she would just look for the good in each day and hope for the best. It was more of a hope that things get better and yet they kind of did. Living with her dad helped Altsoba develop more of social skills and manners, it also gave her an experience of how the world is different depending on where you go, in her old hometown we could practically go anywhere, but in the new city that she was in for a while it seems like they can’t trust anyone much to the point of where leaving the house with just friends is risky.

By the time that she was in sixth and seventh grade she had pretty much adjusted to the “new” city life. In the city though she had gotten use that the world can be a dangerous place but it can also be a place where it’s feels like the whole town is one big home. It really depends on where you live. In the town of Red Swings Altsoba grew up being able to walk anywhere and everywhere, her mother would let her and give her money to go to the store. In her “new city life”, out of the ordinary she woke up to her dad sitting at the foot of her bed.

She knew that something was up, and it was either good or bad, but by the look of her dad’s face she knew that it wasn’t going to be good. Her uncle Daniel had passed away in the night, she was shocked and speechless. That day he told her was the first day she saw her dad cry in a long time. The death of her uncle took a big toll on her dad’s side of her family and even though filled with grief tried to stay happy and find the good in the situation. Over time her grandma’s health got worse and worse, hoping for one day that she would be stable enough to go out and do activities.

At school it wasn’t any better really she didn’t really have any best friends, or people to hang out with. She felt like an outcast to almost any school that she went to that was until her eighth grade year. Things happened again and she had to move again but back to her old home, Altsoba feelings had switched and she just wanted to be back with my dad in the big town that he was in. Altsoba still liked where she grew up because it holds memories and people that she will always love but she got used to my second home she didn’t want to leave. When she got back to her hometown she lived with her stepdad and her mom.

When Altsoba got back things did change not a lot but they did change. She went to the public school in Red Swing, she loved it here in the public school that she heard bad things about when she was younger. But when she got into high school Altsoba’s family and her were living in a two bedroom house with just five people, which then turned into 7, then into eight. When Altsoba got into high school it happened again her world was turned upside down when she was going to a different high school, the public school is the only place where she felt like she fit in.

Altsoba didn’t want to leave, but no matter what she said, her mother didn’t budge. She didn’t realize that she would have to babysit her five siblings for her mom and step-dad to just lay in their room and give her the responsibility to watch kids when she was only 14. Each day Altsoba still looks forward to the best things in life and try not to let the negative things let her down. Even though her life has been rough and getting worse, she still wants to be positive and not drag people down in here problems.

This story has some events of how it shaped my worldview, one day you could just be in your daily routine and then the next you’re in a totally different place and don’t even know what’s what or what to do. The world is changing, it’s a scary place but it also can be good or bad depending on how you choose to look and react to it, the world is unpredictable. Things will eventually get better, but things happen so you have to be prepared. Life is going to challenge you, but you have to take it by the hand and fight to win the battle.

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