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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Character Analysis Essay

What was the relationship between Brick, Maggie, and Skipper? Brick is caught in the middle of a former love triangle in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Maggie is Brick’s wife and Skipper is Brick’s former lover. Brick can not stand Maggie and is very unhappy with her. I believe that Maggie is Brick’s cover up since being a homosexual was frowned upon in this era he wanted to appear “normal. ” Maggie knew that Brick and Skipper were secretly lovers so she confronted Skipper about it and in Skipper’s attempt to cover his relationship with Brick he had sex with Maggie.

Skipper is now dead in the play which causes Brick’s depression. 2. What is the main thing each of the following characters want? Maggie Maggie, often referred to as Cat, or the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, really just want to feel loved by her Husband Brick. Maggie states numerous of times on how many men try to talk to her, but she only see’s Brick as attractive. She states her reason for cheating on Brick with his “friend” Skipper was as a attempt of trying to make him jealous. Although, Maggie refer to kids as no neck monster, she actually really wants to have kids with Brick.

She feels that if she has a kid with Brick that maybe he will start to love her more. Brick Brick wants to be happy but he can’t seem to reach his goals because he is caught trying to please everyone else. Brick is a homosexual but feels that he could not express that, when his lover was alive (Skipper). He fear the fact that he would be looked as less of a man, and his family would be dissatisfied. Unable to reach his goal of being happy Brick starts drinking which clouds his mind temporarily so that he can numb his deep depression of being happy. Big Daddy

Big Daddy wants to live his life and be happy. He feels he has wasted his life being unhappy with big momma, and now since he is no longer dying he will no longer waste his life being unhappy. Big Daddy just like Brick ( like father like son) feels that he is unhappy with his marriage no because he gay but he has desires to be with better looking woman. Big daddy wants to have a thin waisted woman and big momma does not meet his sexual desires. What is a main theme or idea this play brings up? What does it say about that theme? Use details from the play to provide evidence.

The plays has a series of themes that can be affiliated with it. The theme that I seen to be the most demanding is affiliated with the term the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Address the set: Where is the play set? The play is set is in a bed-sitting-room of a plantation in a home on the Mississippi Delta. It has 4 doors and is the situated in the middle of the gallery of the home. There is 28,000 acres of land. Describe two aspects of the set that stood out to you and why they caught your attention. The Vanity had a spot for the mirror but contained no mirror. This was a very interesting point to me.

Since, the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was the first play that I have been to I did not understand the fact how the director really wants you to see the entire picture. I felt as if the director made it so that I can see every aspect of the play and even see the characters reaction as they are looking into the mirror. Another aspect of the play that I found very interesting which was a stage prop of the play was Brick’s crutch. I felt like this prop was interesting because it symbolized what he problem was. Brick’s crutch signifies his weakness of being weak and how people can control his destiny to navigate through life.

I feel that when other characters get mad at Brick the first thing they take when he tries to run away is his crutch. This show the effect people have on Brick physically and mentally. Address the costumes: Pick two characters from the play. Describe their costume and what you learned about that character from their costume. Big Daddy Very well dressed he has a 3 piece suit on. You can tell that Big Daddy is of money by his costumes and can tell that he is fortunate. I learned from the play that Big Daddy owns the biggest plantation with 28,000 acres of land. You can tell that he is of wealth in through his costume in this play.

Maggie A director often wants to create what are called “stage pictures”—a strong visual image produced by coordinating the blocking (placement/movement of actors), the design elements (particularly the set and lighting), and the script. Pick two moments in the production that stood out to you as strong stage pictures. Describe them and explain why they stood out to you. Was there something in this production that did not work for you, that you thought could be improved? In answering this, do not address changing the story or the choices characters make (that is script): focus on this production we saw.

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