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Graduation Speech: The Refugee Crisis In Canada Essay

This may be the most difficult speech I have ever written. Most of us are familiar with the famous photograph of a dead Syrian boy, who washed up on the shore of a Turkish beach after drowning as he family tried to escape the violence wrought by the Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS. Throughout this tragic crisis, countries from all over the world have been called forward as global citizens to help with what has been referred to as the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation. Canada being one of those countries, has promised to resettle 25,000 refugees by the end of year.

Meaning within one months time we will have 25,000 more people in Canada. Those people are going to be given access to our resources, health care, and education. The media portrays to us that it is our duty as humans to look out for the interests of one another. The media portrays to us that it is our responsibility to have a global mind and open our homes and our hearts to those who are fleeing their war torn countries to seek refuge in ours. The media has been polluted with hash tags and photos regarding the refugee crisis.

The Canadian government has even launched an information campaign nationwide using the hash tag, #WelcomeRefugees, encouraging Canadians to donate, volunteer or even sponsor refugees. The truth behind this media outbreak is that many people simply pose to feel a certain way and attain some type of self-righteousness. Peter Hitchins, writer from the Mail on Sunday, posted an article stating “Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.

He further explains that if people mean what they’re saying they would help in anyway and not just for the sake of feeling better about themselves. Bringing in 25,000 refugees to Canada means it is the duty of our government and our duty as taxpayers to fund and integrate these refugees into Canada. Justin Trudeau estimates to spend $250 million for his refugee plan, or $10,000 per refugee. According to the Canadian Press, documents leaked on November 20 reveal the costs to be $1. 1 billion over six years, or $44,000 a person.

Little seems more obviously moral than to allow these suffering Syrians, Iraqis, and others to flee from their hell into heaven. Therefore, arguing against allowing large numbers of refugees into Canada, seems to be advocating for something that is heartless and just morally wrong. What the media and the government fail to portray to us that it is also our duty as humans to look out for the best interest of one another, our fellow Canadian’s in our own country. As a country, Canada has been feeling the crippling effects of the 2008 recession and as a result employment rates have dropped substantially.

More than 1. 36 million Canadians were out of work in the last month, that’s the highest number of unemployment rates in nearly two years. According to a new report by TD Economics, the rise in youth unemployment in Canada during the recent recession will cost Canadian youth $23. 1 billion in lost wages over the next 18 years. The drop in unemployment rates will only be negatively affected by bringing in 25,000 refugees. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “Canada will make a difference, and we encourage all Canadians to do what they can to help.

Canada’s economy can barely support it’s own citizens and the government is demanding our support for bringing in even more. In 2013 the Government of Canada released “The National Shelter Study” which revealed that the number of Canadians who experience homelessness on any given night in Canada is estimated to be minimally 28,500 individuals. The study also revealed that there are approximately 15,467 permanent shelter beds, and in 2009 an over 14,000 of those beds were occupied. The HPS (Homelessness Partnering Secretariat) has estimated that between 150,000 to 300,000 Canadians experience homelessness on any given year.

What kind of society would we be if we continued to let our own people suffer, while bringing in those who have contributed nothing? When looking at our world by large, many people would agree that brining in these refugees would be the best idea. The moral decision. But, why are we overlooking the elephant in the room? We act like activists on social media, constantly portraying an image of sincerity and welcoming, all while turning a blind eye to the problems right outside our doors.

We overlook the gross unemployment rate and plan to dig ourselves more in to debt by financing the transfer and landing of these refugees. We also, and most importantly slough off those who are the most in need, the homeless, only to welcome others from another country with open arms. Its time to wake up Canada and see who is truly suffering from our choices. As William Blake rightly said: ‘He who would do good to another must do it in minute particulars. General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite and flatterer. ’

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