Stereotypes In Children Essay

The older we get the more we are defined by our gender. Children start to develop a sense of gender and the characteristics that accompany their sex as young as the age of two. Over time, they begin to recognize stereotypes that women and men possess. They are led to believe that only girls are … Read more

Comic People Switching Bodies Analysis

Do you like reading comic books? Do you like fantasizing? All the different adventures the characters go on. Wishing you had ice powers or the ability to read minds, or do you just connect with the character? A big thing is comics is switching bodies. The main character wakes up and finds that they aren’t … Read more

Transgender Bathrooms Controversy

Discrimination has always existed in our society. No matter how many attempts we make to repeal it, it always finds an opportunity to keep going. African American people have been the ones who have suffered most from this atrocity rejection. Society used to exclude them for the simple fact of their skin color. The racism … Read more

Outline Gender Roles In Society Essay

Biology alone determines whether a person is female or male, not culture, but cultural myths outline the roles women and men play in society. These cultural myths constitute to the lack of differentiation between sex and gender, imposing the idea of nature versus nurture. While one is born either female or male due to biology, … Read more

Cultural Appropriation Analysis Essay

Most think that cultural appropriation only happens to African Americans, Asians, or anyone that isn’t white. But that’s highly untrue. In fact, the LGBTQA community is often misrepresented in the media. Maybe not as often, but, they are. For example, this article on the Huffington Post, Jules Horowitz, a transgender himself, explains that transpeople need … Read more