The Features Of The Belgian Canary

They are long and thin fowls with a mound pose taking after the state of a bow moon. They are known as “type canary” which implies being reproduced for its compose as opposed to its aptitudes or shading (see: American vocalist canary). They are reared in hues white, yellow, and green. They are additionally called … Read more

Qualitative Rigor in Research

The rejection of reliability and validity in qualitative inquiry in the 1980s has resulted in an interesting shift for “”ensuring rigor”” from the investigator’s actions during the course of the research, to the reader or consumer of qualitative inquiry. The emphasis on strategies that are implemented during the research process has been replaced by strategies … Read more

Elbert Frank Cox Biography

Elbert F. Cox was born in the segregated school system and his father was and school principal and graduated from Evansville college and worked at Indiana University. The Cox family had great respect for learning, and when cox was outstanding at mathematics and physics and went to school to indiana university, And he was awarded … Read more

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Plants use two processes to make food for themselves. They are photosynthesis and cellular respiration. One is used during day and one is used during night. Calvin’s explanation of when plants use these processes is that photosynthesis occurs when it is light, and cellular respiration occurs when it is dark. I agree with this because … Read more

A Study on the Social Impact of Jane Addams

The field of Social Work, you will find, is one that is graciously underappreciated in nearly every developed country around the world. It is hard, emotional, low-paying work, and those that do it work with some of the most damaged people you will ever meet-wither it be physically, mentally or socially. Yet there are very … Read more

Experiment: Protein and Pepsin Digestion

Representing Digestion in the Human Body by Observing Protein and Pepsin Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine the optimum conditions for digestion in the stomach. This lab will focus on chemical digestion by gastric fluid, using pepsin and egg along with either an acid, a base, or a neutral solution to model … Read more

Electronic Babysitter

Electronic Babysitter So many kids love watching Youtube. Youtube is an app source that contains tons and tons of information and is a great place to discover new things, learn and get entertainment. A worldwide, trendy, online video website, with users watching 4 billion hours worth of video each month, and uploading 72 hours worth … Read more

Modern management theory

Scientific Management theory is the theory that you need to give workers an incentive to work harder and to produce greater results by observing their work methods over a period and then show them better and more effective ways of working or completing a task. Patrick Windslow Taylor carried out a study on how his … Read more

Bowlby’s Theory

Bowlby’s theory is an evolutionary theory because he believes attachment is a behavioural system that has evolved because of its survival and reproductive value. Caregiving is adaptive because species have adapted over many years to enhance survival of the offspring so they can later reproduce. Bowlby’s theory is made up of many different ideas. According … Read more

Screenless Display Contents

This paper discusses advent of the Screen less display which is a developing new technology, has become a good vision in the near future for a wide range of applications. As the name implies it deals with the display of several things without the screens. It involves three different working principles. First is The Visual … Read more

Bird Watching – A Hobby with A Cause

Bird watching as a hobby has long been contested by the birders, saying that the two are not in any way the same. While birdwatchers do such as part of an activity during recreation, birders are into it with intense dedication. The Birders May it be in the UK or in the United States, birders … Read more

Application of the Steady Flow Energy Equation

Introduction The equation is used to determine total energy flows in open systems. There is the assumption that mass flow is constant through the system as well as equal total energy input and output. The energies include; internal, kinetic, heat, flow, potential and work. In a plant operation, fan reliability is very critical as failures … Read more

Different types of scanner devices

The scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, any object, and which converts it into a digital image. Scanner which are Commonly used in offices are variations of the desktop flatbed scanner where the document is placed on a glass window for Scanning. Types of scanner Drum Flatbed CCD Scanner CIS … Read more


Blue eye technology is a technology which is being developed so that the machines get sensational abilities and perceptual abilities just like our human beings. These abilities make the computational machines to understand the feelings of humans and this helps to interact with them. The main aim of this technology is to analyse human brain … Read more

The Process of Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum anodizing is a surface hardening process in which electrolytic passivation is used to thicken the layer of oxide that naturally occurs on aluminum alloys. Used to increase corrosion and wear resistance, anodizing can be performed on a variety of metals, such as titanium anodizing; however, amongst anodizers, aluminum is typically the metal of choice … Read more

Ancient Egyptian Construction and Architecture

The ancient Egyptian construction and architecture (dates back to five thousand years Before Christ), is considered as one of the most important civilizations that was influential throughout the history. The Arabic Republic of Egypt is a country that includes many interesting ancient architectural temples, pyramids, tombs, buildings and monuments that are aligned along the Egyptian … Read more

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a computer technology that immerses a user in an imagined or replicated world (like video games, movies, or flight simulation), or simulates presence in the real world (like gliding through the canals on a gondola in Venice, or attending a Grammy Awards ceremony). The user experiences VR through a headset, sometimes in … Read more

Responsive web design

Due to the rapid development of the IT industry, there are many different devices for accessing the web: desktop computers with a wide range of screen dimensions, tablets, mobile phones, TV-s. Hence there is a need for adapting the web content layout for different screen dimensions and resolutions. Responsive web design is a modern technique … Read more

Briefly explaining the differences between negative feedback, positive feedback and feed-forward in physiological system with suitable examples

A feedback loop is a biological occurrence wherein the output of a system amplifies the system (positive feedback) or inhibits the system (negative feedback). Living organisms are able to maintain homeostasis through these feedback loops. This is the mechanism that enables us to keep our internal environment relatively constant. Examples of negative feedback include maintaining … Read more

Short History of Bionics

Bionics, in the field of medicine, means the replacement or enhancement of organs or other body parts by mechanical versions. It is the technique of replacing a limb or body part by an artificial limb or part that is electronically or mechanically powered. This artificial body part is embedded in the nervous system such that … Read more

SWOT Analysis Good Example

The following SWOT was performed on AEnergy’s current infrastructure, to determine if it will be able to handle the load of the new buildings. “A SWOT analysis is a planning and brainstorming tool that helps people evaluate an idea or project for a business or formulate a business plan (Harmon, 2015).” The meaning of SWOT … Read more

What Is Ecology?

Ecology is a scientific study of interaction between organisms and their physical environment. It includes both biotic and abiotic factors. Biotic factors are all of the living organisms within an ecosystem such as plants, animal and any other living things. Abiotic factors are all of the non-living things in an ecosystem. There are three basic … Read more

Talking about Sweden

The country I have chosen to talk about is Sweden, my home country. People first came to this country about10,000 years ago. They traded goods with the roman empire and were hunters and gatherers for the first couple of thousand years. The name “Sweden” means “The land of Svea” and comes from a 500 A.D … Read more

What Is Donovanosis, A So-Called ‘Flesh Eating’ Sexually Transmitted Infection?

There are some bacteria in the environment that are so pervasive and detrimental as the disease process caused by them made it looks like we are getting eaten by an unseen entity typically known as the flesh-eating microbial agents. Among all of the sexually transmitted diseases, donovanosis can be considered as one of the flesh-eating … Read more

The lumiere brothers film production

Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere are French inventors who pioneered photographic equipment and manufactured the first motion picture camera and projector known as Cinematographe, which led to a new form of art and entertainment known as Cinema. They were both born in Besancon, France and are sons of Antoine Lumiere, a painter turned photographer. When … Read more

Howard Gardner’s theory

Howard Gardner is an American developmental psychologist, he thinks that the conventional definitions of intelligence are too narrow. He admits that a general aspect of intelligence exists but does not believe it’s’ efficacy in explaining an individual’s performance in a particular situation. According to his view people have eight different abilities, also known as multiple … Read more

Is universe finite or infinite?

It’s an existential question most of us have probably pondered at some point: is space infinite? It’s tricky to answer because there’s not just one kind of infinity to consider. Even if the universe goes on forever, it may not be infinitely large. It could be bounded like the surface of the Earth, allowing you … Read more

My Motivation For A PhD In Chemistry

The application of catalysis in industrial processes can make relevant contributions through the development of more energy and time efficient procedures. Generally, catalysts increase the rate of reactions and remain unchanged by the reaction. Hence the impact of catalysis in improving the efficiency of diverse industries has been demonstrated via pollution control, air purification, food … Read more

How Power Poisons As Depicted In William Shakespeare Book Macbeth

Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a riveting play that thoroughly examines universally timeless concepts that are alluring to audiences in both a Renaissance and Contemporary era. Shakespeare analyses the destructive aspects of one’s intense hunger for power, then resulting in the annihilation of the individual’s peace of mind. This is caused by ruthless ambition, which … Read more

Lisa Delpit’s View On Different Languages, Stereotyping And How Students And Teachers Relate In Other People’s Children

I am a white female and attended a high school that had a total minority enrollment percentage of only 18%. Growing up in a town with few minorities I never really witnessed any acts of racism. Up until this course I was pretty sheltered and unaware there are still inconsistencies and unfairness between different cultures … Read more

Project management models: spiral model

The spiral model combines the idea of iterative development with the systematic, controlled aspects of the waterfall model. The spiral model has four phases. A software project repeatedly passes through these phases in iterations called Spirals. This means that the product is released incrementally. The Identification phase starts with gathering the business requirements in the … Read more

Michael Brian Schiffer: A Founder Of Behavioral Archaeology

Archaeological Theories and Methods According to Lord George Gordon Byron (1821), “The best prophet of the future is the past.” For as long as humans have existed, we have been curious about our ancestors and their conduct. While historians can provide educated deductions about the past, archaeologists can accurately date and analyze actual objects used … Read more

What Are The Furies?

Furies were seemingly similar to rabid animals and savaged beasts in their behaviour. These deitieswere described as horrific and hideous creatures that one could mistake as women at first, but soonrealize their appearances were worse than Gorgons. When the priestess of Apollo saw them insidethe temple, she felt the presence of these apparitions were an … Read more

Why People Should Learn From Their Mistakes

Failure and My Experience I still remember my math teacher at school who usually used to bombard us with difficult and challenging questions. And the funny thing is that most of the questions that he gave us were unlikely to be asked in exam! That time we regarded it as nothing more than a mental … Read more

The distinctive features of eukaryotic cells

There are different cells, but there are 2 cells that you have to focus on: the plant’s cell and animal’s cell. We can compare and contrast the 2 cells. So first you got the plant cells. They are eukaryotic cells of eukaryotic organism. These distinctive features include the following: A cell wall composed of cellulose … Read more

Defense Mechanism Used in Animals

Concoction fighting alludes to utilization of synthetic substance as a weapon for barrier reason. A few predators utilize concoction fighting to assault their prey. For instance, creepy crawlies and toxic snakes utilize venom to deaden their prey and to dissuade their predators.Some prey species dishearten predators with synthetic substances that are noxious (oleander plants)and aggravating … Read more

Cell Membrane: The process of protein synthesis

The cell membrane The cell membrane is a thin semi-permeable membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm of the cell. Its function is to act a barrier that separate’s a cell from its surrounding environment which protects the integrity by allowing certain substances into the cell, while keeping other substances out. Also, the cell membrane helps to … Read more

The role of a leader in the organization

The role of a leader is a key factor for successful innovation in an organization. The perception of followers with respect to the traits linked to an innovative profile of their leader can act as a driving factor for innovation. The main reason for this article might have been to explore the qualities of an … Read more

Monovm Virtual Private Server

Monovm is a web VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting service company that has their server situated and operates in the whole of USA, UK, Canada and six other countries. It ensures that an individual is granted access to a well improved service for a specified time duration for affordable cost. Windows VPS High quality remote … Read more

Software Engineering

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING RAMAJAYAM.G ( professor of Sri Krishna adithya college of arts and science) Abstract In this paper we are going to see about the software engineering and how it works on the today’s world. It deals with the new software technologies and the process in which the software manipulates the environment. Software engineering associates … Read more

Robert Millikan and His Oil Drop Experiment

A scientist can truly be viewed as revolutionary when their di Robert Andrews Millikan was born on the 22nd of March in 1868 as the second son of Reverend Silas Franklin Millikan (Father) and Mary Jane Andrews Millikan (Mother) in the town of Morrison, Illinois. He attended the Maquoketa Community High School in Iowa and … Read more