Knowledge Is Power In Frankenstein Essay

Undeniable principles can be expressed succinctly because no argument is necessary. Francis Bacon seemed to recognize this when he stated, “Knowledge is power,” as did Spider Man creator Stan Lee, at arguably the other end of the literary spectrum, when Peter Parker’s uncle reminded the accidental superhero that “[w]ith great power comes great responsibility. ” … Read more

Antigone And Civil Disobedience Essay

Civil disobedience, as a form of civil position and attitude, can be viewed as a concept that presumes an individual’s right and permissible responsibility to challenge and make own decisions against the letter and spirit of the law. It reflects on situations and contexts when these state-inflicted laws contradict the natural human laws, involving some … Read more

Kant And Skepticism Essay

Is skepticism self-refuting? Immanuel Kant argued that although human knowledge comes from experience, nonetheless knowledge must be grounded in some necessary truths. It is hard to see how the existence of logically and metaphysically necessary truths is enough to ground human knowledge. Following Kant’s reasoning, there are certain types of knowledge we have no access … Read more

Ethical Theories Of Euthanasia Essay

Medical ethics are ‘the values and guidelines governing decisions in medical practise’ as noted by The Free Dictionary (2012). By discussing the controversial topic of Euthanasia I will compare contrasting ethical principles and theories and the legal issues surrounding this topic. The ethical principles outlined will be; autonomy, non-maleficence, benevolence and utility. Furthermore the ethical … Read more