Actions done out of love are always beyond good and evil

Critical Analysis of Nietzsche’s Claim: Actions Done out Of Love Are Always beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the renowned German philosophers, cultural critics, and an essayist. Nietzsche’s works on aesthetics, realization, truth, cultural theory, the meaning of existence, language, decency, history, power, and nihilism have resulted to a vast impact on … Read more

Friedrich Nietzsche, a unique philosopher

Friedrich Nietzsche, a unique philosopher had some very interesting ideas about peoples human values and personality types. In this essay I will explain what I like and dislike about his “Master Morality” & his antithesis to this, “Slave Morality”. According to Nietzche, all morality is a manifestation of the will to power. The other is … Read more

A Portrait Of Friedrich Nietzsche

Should human beings be defined simply by their genetics or heritage? This is a question that pains many philosophers including Friedrich Nietzsche, who is the author of Ecce Homo. In his book Nietzsche goes through implicate measures to emphasize that human beings cannot merely be defined by their genetics or national origin. According to Nietzsche, … Read more

Mr. Friedrich Nietzsche

Major Ideas Self deception is a particularly destructive characteristic of West Culture. Life is The Will To Power; our natural desire is to dominate and reshape the world to fit our own preferences and assert our personal strength to the fullest degree possible. Struggle, through which individuals achieve a degree of power commensurate with their … Read more

Marx and Nietzsche

Society is flawed. There are critical imbalances in it that cause much of humanity to suffer. In, the most interesting work from this past half-semester, The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx is reacting to this fact by describing his vision of a perfectly balanced society, a communist society. Simply put, a communist society is one where … Read more

Nietzsche: morality, How ought I to be

Nietzsche abhorred all morality; he felt it is fodder for the mindless masses (the herd). It deadens and destroys the individual, condemns creativity, and gives man no credit to make choices. It assumes man can not know what to do, so it lays down pre-made decisions for him to mindlessly follow. It ignores the nature … Read more