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Religion Versus Common Sense

Of all the things learned and decided in ones life, the subject of religion is always considered the most important. This report very well may upset some of the Bible belt Christians, who cannot seem to allow any thought or idea but there own, but it needs to be said. The basis is simple, in todays world, and especially here in America, the concept of religion has taken an unfortunate turn.

The power of religion has been given almost solely to the wrong people. Priest, Evangelist, Pastors, Cardinals, and all the rest have been given the power to interpret the Bible to their liking. People who attend church believe that they are going to Heaven simply for the fact that they attend every Sunday morning. I guess they feel that they can then criticize everyone for there sins, and forget about there own. The famous saying holds true,absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the church has been corrupted to an unbearable extent. Story after story, the public is bombarded with news highlights of corrupt Preachers and elevangelists who have embezzled money from the church and thousands of dollars from hard working citizens.

But the worst thing that the Christian society has going for it is the hypocritical majority that has saturated the whole population of the United States with the idea that the Church is basically a witch hunt.

Todays Churches are no longer places of Holy worship and gathering for study of the bible, but is instead a place for the ladies to show off there new dresses and to spread gossip that they heard throughout the week.

They call themselves Christians and Americans, but they are far from both. True Christians spread the faith and attempt to save lost souls, but instead have become involved in politics of the day. Case in point, when the Christians Coalition-back Kenneth Starr investigation began to attack President Clinton, I heard from several intelligent nonchristians that they could never see believing in a faith that allowed such persecution and hate.

Although they say they teach love, hate seems to be the main topic of the day. When it comes to the issue of separation of church and state, they are quick to jump and argue against it. This would be fine with me, but the ignorant fools only believe in discussing their own religion, blind to the fact that this is a direct slap in the face to everyone who worships another way. Who would want to convert to a religion so oblivious and asinine?

What about the issue of evolution? Most believe that it is sacrilegious to challenge the Bibles version of the dawn of time and the creation of man, but I believe that God has a way to explain everything that has happened and will happen, such as the end of time. For instance, it says that the Heavens and the Earth was created in seven days, but do you think God is running on the same clock we are? On the other hand, for that matter, do you think he is running on any clock at all?

Perhaps the seven days was in fact several billion years. However, to get back to the evolutionary discussion, it is science fact that evolution occurs. Whether social Darwinism or natural selection, evolution is the basic instinct of an animal to survive. To prove to any person that it is real, make someone step outside in the middle of winter with nothing on but a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Next to them, place a jacket and some insulated pants. Reminding them that they cannot come inside for ten minutes, literally anyone would put the extra clothing on. Why? Because the person was, cold and they did not want to freeze.

Perhaps the most mind boggling thing that todays people think is there take on so-called other religions. Christians hate Muslims. Muslims hate Christians. Why? Because they are from different parts of the world. Not because they worship different religions, because although no one wants to here it, the two religions are the same.

It is said in the Bible that everyone will be given a chance to here the gospel, but that is nearly an impossible feat since Christianity is not even the worlds largest religion. The two religions believe and worship the same thing, only there are slight differences because they are so geologically diverse. When you put two mice of the same size in two separate environments, they will grow and adapt differently, although deep down they are essentially the same. It is unfortunate that todays Christians have there heads so far each others but with all the infighting that they cannot accomplish anything. How can I aspect them to reach out to followers of Islam if they are still bickering over each sect, such as Baptist, Church Of Christ, Presbyterians, and so fourth.

So when deciding on a religion, if one has no already choose one, perhaps one might follow my path. I believe in my God, who I put total and undying love and faith in. I would not think twice about dying for my beliefs, for I know that they are just and true. I do not fear death, since I know that a better place awaits me after this short span on Earth is over. I always remember a few simple things, my God is never short on cash, but helping others is the only way. I believe that a person must truly feel sorry for their sins, and must repent against them.

I believe that my views should be heard for they could save lost souls, but not to force them upon others, for it would scare them away perhaps forever. I believe to do on to others that you would have them do to you, which is the one that most Christians have forgotten. I finally believe (among several other things) that nearly all Monistic religions are the same, and that if you do truly believe in God and have been saved, that you will be welcomed into the Gates of Heaven. But please do not take my word for it find out for yourself. Thank you, God bless, and goodnight.

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