BATNA is about having an alternative that can be turned to when negotiation takes a halt. It is more about improving the bargaining position and to measure how good a deal is. The power of BATNA affords the leverage to ask for more. If the negotiated deal doesn’t work out as per the expected outcome, … Read more

Principles of Successful Negotiation

Of a truth, we all spend much of our professional and personal lives negotiating and managing conflict. As organizations become less hierarchical, less based on positional authority and with many fewer clear boundaries of responsibility, conflict —or at least differences of opinion— will likely become an even greater component of our work lives in the … Read more

Strategy for negotiating with an uncooperative, intransigent opponent according to: In Getting Past No

In Getting Past No, William and Ury presents a five-step strategy for negotiating with an uncooperative, intransigent opponent. People may behave badly in negotiations out of anger or fear, because they don’t know any more effective way to behave, because they don’t see any benefit from negotiating, or because they see asserting their own power … Read more

Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes The most common form of negotiation involves successively taking on and giving up positions. Positional bargaining is an inefficient means of reaching to an agreement and the agreements usually neglect the interest of the parties involved. It encourages stubbornness and so tends to harm the relationship between both the parties. A good … Read more

Negotiate to Close

In this book the author uses the salesperson relationship of the buyer and seller to discuss negotiation. The author identifies the sources of power that a seller has when negotiating, and the tactics used by buyers to get what they want. Recognizing these key points allows sellers to become more effective negotiators. According to the … Read more