Dell Theory

The Dell theory conflict is a theory proposed by Michael Dell that suggests that companies will be more successful if they focus on their core competencies and outsource everything else. This theory has been widely criticized, as it can lead to job losses and increased inequality. However, there is no denying that Dell has been … Read more

Conflicts and Characters in Frankenstein

Conflicts in Frankenstein The book’s conflicts center around the controversial relations between the creator and his creation, responsibility, and revenge. It also questions the idea if a man has a right to follow his ambition and create living creatures in an unnatural way, or will he be punished for this. The first trouble arises when Victor … Read more

Crisis, Unrest, and the Possibility for Peace

True to many observers that since there hasn’t been any major conflicts to start the second half of the 20th century that there should be peace and prosperity in the world. The truth though shows a different picture of this time period. Prosperity was very prevelent in the world and many of the countries that … Read more