Emotional Intelligence and the Identification of Irrational Falacies

Talking about communication without recognizing the importance of emotions is impossible. Having the feeling of anger ruins one’s time while feeling calm helps a person in solving personal problems. Emotional intelligence is significant in both personal and interpersonal success, and it helps in healthy conflict management and in relationships. Understanding and managing one’s emotions shows … Read more

With Malice Toward None

Stephen B. Oates is a professor of history at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the author of eight other books, including The Fires of Jubilee and To Purge This Land with Blood. His task in this biography was to perpetuate Lincoln as he was in the days he lived. His purpose of this biography … Read more


Worldview is a necessary component of human consciousness, cognition. This is not just one of its elements among many others, but their complex interaction. Diverse “blocks” of knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, moods, aspirations, hopes, connecting in a world view, appear as a more or less holistic understanding of the people of the world and themselves. … Read more