The Subjectivity of Perception

Title Name of Lecturer Rev. Prof. Saviour Chircop Assignment Title Some contend that perception is purely subjective. Everyone is entitled to their own way of perceiving and describing the world. Do you agree? What role does perception play in the communication process? Number of Words – I confirm that all material presented in this assignment … Read more

The Four Types Of Perceptual Distortion

Perceptual distortion happens when the stated view differs from an “ordinary reaction”. This is a component of individual contrasts, for instance in perceptual style and is theoretically not the same as mental trips and optical dreams. As recognition relies upon the perceiver’s present perspective, part and conception, there could simply be mistakes in the explanation … Read more

Stereotyping, halo effects, selective perception, and projection

A spectacular completed pass during the 1982 National Football Conference championship game helped propel Joe Montana, former San Francisco 49er quarterback, into the legendary status he enjoys today. The reverse effect apparently occurred for Danny White, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback. He fumbled in the final minute of the same game and never obtained the status of … Read more

The stages of the process of knowledge. Forms of sensual and rational knowledge

The process of cognition includes obtaining information through the senses (sensory cognition), processing of this information by thinking (rational cognition) and material development of cognizable fragments of reality (social practice). There is a close connection between knowledge and practice, in the course of which materialization (objectification) of people’s creative aspirations takes place, the transformation of … Read more