Mark Doty Artificial Essay

As we progress in technological advancements, we become more heavily reliant on technology and lose our sense of nature. In today’s modern, tech-savvy society, the internet assists us with most of our informational demands/needs. Social media presence isn’t an accurate portrayal of who people really are. People can make themselves appear however they please as … Read more

Unbearable Lightness Theme Essay

The Influence of Others: Author’s Craft Often times in life, people are blinded by their own perceptions, unable to recognize the emotions of those around them. This theme is exhibited within the memoir Unbearable Lightness, written by Portia De Rossi. The author delineates the struggles present within her life as a result of her eating … Read more

The stages of the process of knowledge. Forms of sensual and rational knowledge

The process of cognition includes obtaining information through the senses (sensory cognition), processing of this information by thinking (rational cognition) and material development of cognizable fragments of reality (social practice). There is a close connection between knowledge and practice, in the course of which materialization (objectification) of people’s creative aspirations takes place, the transformation of … Read more