Heroes In Antigone Essay

A hero is an individual who is admired by another person, and who affects society in some way. Individuals use heroes to model their aspirations, and reflect their hero’s behavior in their actions and decisions. These heroes not only bring safety to society, but also wisdom and knowledge to improve people as individuals. Societal function … Read more

Antigone Analysis Essay

Creon has decided to sentence Antigone to death by execution for the crime of burying her dead brother, Polynices, against his own decree. Creon first heard of this from the Sentry, who at the time, did not know who did it. The Sentry later informs Creon that it was indeed Antigone who committed the crime. … Read more

Examples Of Family Loyalty In Antigone Essay

In his play Antigone, Sophocles presents the conflict of choosing between family loyalty and obeying the law of the land. The playwright clearly believes that loyalty to one’s family trumps listening to the law and it shines through as the right choice. In the novella “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, there is a lack of family … Read more

Antigone And Civil Disobedience Essay

Civil disobedience, as a form of civil position and attitude, can be viewed as a concept that presumes an individual’s right and permissible responsibility to challenge and make own decisions against the letter and spirit of the law. It reflects on situations and contexts when these state-inflicted laws contradict the natural human laws, involving some … Read more

Sophocles Antigone Character Analysis Essay

After Oedipus, the king of Thebes becomes exiled; his two sons Polynices and Eteocles become the joint rulers of Thebes. After both brothers argued over whom deserved the right to become the king, they decided to duel for the throne. Because of this dual, both brothers killed each other and now the question is who … Read more