An Analysis of Snooze Alarms as a Humorous Essay

My humorous essay on snooze alarms came easy to me when my roommate and I were talking to my family and letting them in on all the funny details of me waking up in the morning. I never thought that the way I woke up was funny until he pointed it out. Living in my … Read more

The Messages of the Humorists

Humorists definitely serve a vital function in society, but not as much as they did in the early 1900s. In today’s society, we spend most of our time on the internet, which is often highly polarized. The internet enables us to speak with and connect with people with similar mindsets, but often at the cost … Read more

Women in Literature

It is a man’s world. It is man who battles in wars and who lead nations. It is man who first ventured into the seas and into space. And it is man who write of these adventures, real and fabled. The master writers of the past comprise a dominantly male club. Homer, Chaucer, Shakespear, and … Read more

World Wrestling Federation

A generic product is when a company places a broad definition on their product/services offered. The generic product offered by the World Wrestling Federation is violent entertainment. This entertainment can be seen as tame when compared to earlier forms. An example is in 15th century England people used to convene in the local town square … Read more