Breaking Down the Features of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales were handed down orally until the 18th century when the Romantics began to collect them together and write them down. The Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, are the best-known recorders of European tales. In the classic fairy tale laws of nature are suspended, there is little description of space or time, reality and … Read more

What Are The Furies?

Furies were seemingly similar to rabid animals and savaged beasts in their behaviour. These deitieswere described as horrific and hideous creatures that one could mistake as women at first, but soonrealize their appearances were worse than Gorgons. When the priestess of Apollo saw them insidethe temple, she felt the presence of these apparitions were an … Read more

Life of Forest Dwellers.

The Forest Dweller, by Hermann Hesse, is a tale not only of the downfall of tyranny or the fall of the high priest it is a tale of existential enlightenment. The Forest Dweller stands as an allegory for existential thought and triumph. The story’s central thematic idea is the struggle between the individual and the … Read more

What Do of Hans Christian Andersen’s & Disney’s Mermaids Have in Common?

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” and Disney’s 1989 film adaptation differ in a multitude of notable ways, from key elements of plot to those of character. Perhaps the most distinct difference, aside from the highly contrasting endings, is the characterization of the protagonists, the little mermaids themselves. Disney’s version presents to … Read more

Analyzing the Disney’s stories: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

At the beginning of the twentieth century, “fairy tales reinforced the patriarchal symbolical order based on rigid notions of sexuality and gender so did then all of Disney’s productions”. (Balint, web) These provide patterns as to how one should behave and view one’s place in society. They are aimed at both boys and girls, with … Read more

An In-Depth Analysis of Fairy Tales

Esteemed German poet Johann Schiller insists, “Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told me in my childhood than in any truth that is taught in life” (“Fairy” 1). Fairy tales are unique because they focus all which is moral and corrupt into a short, compact story. The story directly arrives to the plot leaving … Read more

A Two Tale Comparison

Thinking back to our childhood, we all remember hearing many kinds of fairy tales. Some of them inspired us others confused us, and most of them taught us valuable lessons. Through out centuries tales and stories have been used as a valuable tool to pass on our culture to new generations. There is a strong … Read more

Damsels in Address

It is clearly evident that many fairy tales of childhood tend to shape the reader. Certain moral codes and ideals are tightly woven into the text of many fairy tales, promoting or denoting a characters actions. In the Grimms fairy tales Cinderella, Brier Rose, and Rapunzel, the heroines of these tales exhibit strong behavioral codes, … Read more

Brother Grim Taking the Merry Out of Fairy Tales

After reading the Brothers Grim version of Cinderella and viewing the film version of Cinderella, Everafter, one can distinguish precise differences between the these two similar stories. Both versions tell of a young maiden whose mother died when she was young and is then tormented by her stepmother and her two stepsisters who enslave her … Read more