Ap World History Feudalism Essay

1. After the fall of Rome, Feudalism took hold as the new form of political organization instead of kings and local nobility. As a result, there was no longer a strong government to maintain the quality and safety of roads and bridges for public use and ravel became dangerous and even more difficult. The lords … Read more

Essay on Pope Urban IIs Speech At Clermont

The First Crusade is a multifaceted event that is often oversimplified or misconstrued as an analogy for modern-day conflicts. In the last four decades, however, the field has seen a significant overhaul when analyzing the Crusade. Instead of focusing on singular causes, historians now take a pluralist, “interdisciplinary”, approach when determining the reasons for the … Read more

Carlos Ventresca’s Angels ; Demons Essay

As a child we paint the world in colors and rainbow though the reality varies quiet afar from that. In our youth we know of only basic traits of happy and sad, then we grow and experience the world and evolve to have greed, maliciousness, and jealousy, that is what this world makes us. And … Read more