All Souls’ Day at the Camposanto, Pisa

Depicted in Pierre Auguste Cot’s most notorious painting, All Souls’ Day at the Camposanto, Pisa, a woman and her two children mourn the death of her husband/their father. Painted in 1872, All Souls’ Day at the Camposanto, Pisa emphasizes the Catholic church, and the role it played in everyday life. This painting includes many practices … Read more

Richard Allen Biography

Richard Allen born on February 14th, 1760 in Philadelphia was a minister, educator, writer and one America’s most active and influential black leaders. Allen had six children and a spouse named Sarah Bass. He founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in 1794, which was the first black domination in the U.S. Allen was born … Read more

The Monk’s Tale analysis

Although the Host demands a merry tale from the Monk, the Monk instead gives a series of cameo tragedies, all of which deal with the role of fortune in a man’s life. The Monk catalogues the fickleness of Fortune through a series of abbreviated tales about such people as Lucifer, Adam, Hercules, Samson, Nero, and … Read more

Sainthood, Saint Cuthbert And Saint Maria Goretti

A saint is said to be someone who has achieved a degree of extraordinary behaviour, or closeness to God, saints were also called hallows during the ancient time. The history of saints goes down back to the year after Jesus was born. Catholics believe only God can make a saint in the sense that he … Read more

Dr. Amy Sherman recommendations

Dr. Amy Sherman directs the Center on Faith in Communities at the Sagamore Institute, and likes to describe the work of the Center as that of being “a minister to ministries.” She provides training and consultation to churches and nonprofits seeking to transform their communities for the common good. Through this book, Sherman hopes to … Read more

The Ancient Regime

The Old Regime took place during the fifteen hundreds and are conflicted by the enlightenment in the middle seventeen hundreds. The Old Regime thoughts and ways are different politically and economically then the enlightenment world. The Old Regime thoughts are based upon God and the church. The people believed that God was the ruler of … Read more

16th century reformation of the Church of England

What happened that caused such an abrupt move in the Church of England towards a reformation in the 16th century? Why did the church change hands from Catholic to Protestant so many times? Finally, how did the church become a middle of the road church that most were able to accept as the Anglican Church? … Read more

The International Church of Christ

The International Church of Christ didn’t come from nowhere, although it sometimes looks that way to unsuspecting people when a new ICC church is planted in their city or community. The ICC itself largely ignores its roots — current members rarely hear anything about the group’s history prior to the early 1990s, and earlier periods … Read more