Hebrew Pentecostal

Hebrew Pentecostals believe in the power of the Holy Spirit as described in the New Testament. They believe that this power is available to all believers. Bishop Johnson was one of the founders of the Hebrew Pentecostals Church. He was a powerful preacher and he had a great impact on the early church. The movement … Read more

Marist Spirituality Report

Prayer can be thought of as a form of worship. Some people may find a prayer peaceful or sentimental while others feel it’s not useful in their spiritual life. These types of people often perceive prayer done in one way with very strict boundaries. Before taking the Prayer and Spirituality class at Mercy, this was … Read more

Genesis Five: The First Genealogy

Genesis five is the first genealogy listed in the Bible. I used to glance over the genealogies and not pay much attention to them because, to be honest, I thought they were boring. I remember asking my mother once if I had to read them and she told me that God put them in His … Read more