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Explain How Your Testimony Calls You To Be A Role Model

1. An important part of the role of any CYC employee is witnessing to their love for Jesus and the power of faith in their lives. Briefly describe part of your testimony. Explain how your testimony calls you to be a role model. If you are a returning staff, please share specifically developments from the last year. I grew up in a Catholic home. Always attended mass on Sundays, prayed before bed, and was an altar server for many years. It was in high school that my faith developed.

I was involved in STAT, our teen youth group, and attended many events with my priest Fr. Ray such as dinners, fairways for fathers, and others. STAT was a fantastic opportunity and I am very happy I was involved during my high school years. We analyzed our faith and grew every week. The greatest opportunities with STAT were the mission trips offered during the summer. I attended three. We went to Thunder Bay, Denver, and Pine Ridge. Each trip brought me closer to Christ and opened my eyes to the pain and hardship of others. They were very enlightening and showed us how lucky we were to have the life god gave us. During my high school career, I attended many events with my priest.

They were designed to introduce young adults to the possibility of priesthood. The events were very educational and I learned a lot. College was a brand new experience for me. I attend the Newman Center of campus for mass, and it is a great experience. It helps one grow in their faith with a community of their peers. It leads to great friendships with likeminded people. All of these opportunities presented to me during my life led me to have a great faith life and great relationship with god. However, nothing compares to my experience at Catholic Youth Camp!! I camped for 2 years and counseled for 5.

Camp has a major influence on my life. I always loved camp. Going as camper was so much fun and I had a great time. I would grow in my faith, and make new friends. When I became a counselor I was uncertain if I would like it at first because it would be a different experience. However, very quickly I found that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being a counselor gave you the opportunity to help the kids and possibly change lives. It was great to see the kids growing in their faiths throughout the week, and I felt like I got more out of counseling than I ever did camping.

Not only do you help children grow in their faith, and have tons of fun while doing it, you also make great friendships. The friendships you make at camp last forever. Without camp I would not be where I am in my relationship with god. I am truly thankful for the opportunities I have been able to take advantage of, and the presence of Catholicism in my life from the very beginning. Being a role model is so important. There will always be people who look up to you, whether it be campers, siblings, or others you have met.

At camp you are trying to model that it’s ok to talk about your faith openly, and creating a more comfortable environment for the kids. However, being a role model for faith is important anywhere you go. You should be proud of your faith life, and model to others how important your faith is to you. Being a role model is also important on a non-faith level. Not everyone child that goes to camp is going to be Catholic. So, while you should be a role model for Catholicism, you should also be a role model in making good and responsible decisions. Your actions have an effect on more than just yourself.

I aspire to be a positive role model, and help others make responsible decisions. 2. How is your decision making in your choices and in your interactions with others, in line with the mission, values, and goals of the St Thomas More Center and Catholic Youth Camp My decisions follow the mission, values, and goals of the St Thomas More Center. This means continuing in your faith, going to mass, treating others with respect, and making responsible decisions. I continue to go to mass and grow in my personal relationship with god. I treat everyone I meet with respect, and treat everyone equal.

Making responsible decisions is a major aspect to upholding St Thomas More Center values. College presents an individual with many options and many chances to make poor decisions. I am happy to say the decisions I have made uphold all the values of the camp. It is important to always make responsible decisions and continue to promote the values of camp. Also, surrounding yourself with individuals who posses great character and integrity is important. It all comes down to making wise decisions and surrounding yourself with responsible friends. 3.

Explain your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how it impacts your daily life. 4. What has been your experience with the Catholic Church? 5. What has been your experience in Youth Ministry? In what ways do you feel qualified to work with children? 6. Why do you want to work at CYC? Working at CYC for the summer would be an amazing experience. I have gained so much from camp by being a counselor for the past 5 years, and being a member of staff has always been a goal of mine. Camp grants you the opportunity to help others grow in their faith, grow in your own faith, serve and give back, and also have fun!

I want to work at CYC because of all the great experiences I have had at camp, the friendships you create, the drastic affect it has on your faith life, and because I believe there would be nothing more fulfilling. I have had so many great experiences at CYC. Being a staff member would lead to more great experiences and memories at camp. The effect on my faith life would be astronomical. After a week at camp my faith life improves greatly. A summer focused around Christ, god, and the church would be amazing. It would lead to great growth in my faith life, and I can’t imagine where I will be in my faith life if given this opportunity.

Also, I don’t think there is anything more fulfilling to do this summer than summer staff. While you grow yourself, you also are a key part in running camp which affects so many more people than just yourself. It is a great way to give back, and help the kids. You may not be as involved with the kids as a counselor would be, but everything you do is for the kids and to help them grow in their faith and also to just have fun! I want the opportunity this summer to grow exponentially in my faith, help run the camp for the kids to grow, and to help the kids have “safe catholic fun. ” This would the opportunity of a lifetime!

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