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Narrative Essay On Retrolandia

The year is 2025 and a new president has just been sworn into office in the beginning of a world war. The only thing keeping the country of Retrolandia out of this war is no one has attacked them yet. This all changed on April 15 when the west coast of Retrolandia was attacked destroying the 5 states on the coast and the next 6 inland. This attack was so powerful aftershock was felt in the state of Qualls.

The city that took the most damage was Drazek, a decent area in the southeastern part of the state. In this area there was a high school by the name of Alexander Hamilton high school and it just so happens on this ay the lives of 4 students change. During an after school photoshoot for class the missiles hit. To say that we were far from ready is an understatement. We were shook, the emotions that were running through our brains consisted of terror, confusion, and hysteria.

We couldn’t believe what was happening especially in our own homeland. I know Chance took it the worst; he started curled up in a ball, shaking, and crying like a kid who lost his mom at rigby world. Janelle just kinda got mad and every other word out of her mouth was either shit or damn or some form of those. Lauryn was the calmest out of the four of us, or at least it seemed like it. She was busy trying to calm Chance down not that it would work or anything but it was at least a shot.

Our phones worked long enough to find out that we were in a state of martial law and to get to the nearest school, hospital, or police station as soon as possible, maybe because they were made for safety but it didn’t mean anything at this point, everyone within a 10 mile radius of one of those 3 buildings were going to rush to one and with it being rush hour that was going to be a lot of people. Within the ext 5 minutes, 35 cars pulled into our old Alexander Hamilton parking lot.

Some students and teachers, but they never made it into the building with the open carry practicing wanna be militia types that wanted to take the school for their “base”. What were we to expect, it was martial law and if we knew anything from pop culture and contemporary lit classes we knew martial law was an all out chaos and purge. When the “militia” finally got into the school we had already gathered enough supplies for 2 days from the cafeteria and random classrooms, due to ordered plans from Lauryn.

I guess the extra organized type was an essential for a situation like this. We were all kind of lucky to have each other though ya know, janelle with the attitude and the anger which kept Chance in check when he started freaking out from time to time, i mean i know it’s a crazy situation but he was taking it overboard. Although chance was good to use as a distraction have him run down a hallway while he was freaking out as the three of us moved down another hallway to get away.

Now that i think about it, i have never seen someone move faster or more agile than this terrified freshman, but who can lame him. When we first encountered the militia it was far from subtle, we ran down the math hallway towards the main entrance after hearing a parade of gunfire and screaming. We should’ve expected that entrance to be blocked but in the heat of the moment we were just trying to get out. We ran right into the back of the militia’s mess, we knew if we were seen we would be added to the bodies on the floor near the security office.

We immediately turned back fast and stealthy like ninjas. Once we got away from the militia in the hallway we heard a oud banging coming from the science stairwell as we were moving towards the language arts hallway on the 3rd floor. we all agreed simultaneously to avoid it but that wasn’t the case, before we got to the back stairwell known for couples ditching class to make out we heard someone trying to get our attention from behind us. We couldn’t make out his face due to the blood gushing out of a gunshot wound from his upper cheek on the right side of his face.

All he did was warn us about a gang that is holding up in the hall that the stairwell we were going to go down leads to. We were officially stuck, the only other door we could think of was the one across from the boys locker room, getting there was going to be one of the biggest challenge we had ever faced. At the moment we immediately turned to lauryn, she knew the school inside and out. She lead us down the social studies hallway then down a stairwell that lead us to e had the back doors of the gym which were always locked.

All to do now was make it into the gym and we’d be home free, if there was a home to even go to. We decided we could try going around through the auditorium and attempt at least avoid some f the chaos we could hear going on in the main hallway. Once we got into the auditorium we immediately were hit with terror. We saw the stage covered with dead bodies, maybe 25 give or take, with more being added. There were 3 guards with assault rifles that were badly spray painted grey with an orange stripe. They were ordering 5 men to move the bodies to the stage, although frozen in horror and disgust we knew we had to keep moving.

Me in the front, lauryn behind me, then chance, and then janelle; we tried to be as quiet as possible but as soon as e got halfway to the exit door we were spotted by a guard entering the room, i have no idea how he saw janelle. We were moving in the shadows and quietly, but sure enough he alerted the other guards and we were bombarded with bullets and books as we ran our hardest out the door. Chance unfortunately got hit with “War and Peace” as he got through the door. Before he passed out from the blow to the head he took a look at the book and tried to state how it was his book and he had been looking for it.

Everything happened so fast, by the time we realized he was hit they were already grabbing him and lauryn an back to attempt to help him. It was too late for her too, before she could turn back they snatched her too. Janelle and i knew we couldn’t just leave them there, they were our friends. Something came over us and we started following them down the hallway near the auditorium to see where they were being taken. We followed them to the band room where they were locked in the piano room. We had to think of a way to get them out, we figured out we could sneak in and try to go through the other door which is blocked by a guard.

We definitely got in, that wasn’t the problem. When we got in we immediately noticed the guard, but he didn’t see us. We bum rushed him with everything we had, to say it was an intense experience was to say the least. We hit him with the force of two linebackers on steroids. He immediately dropped and we found chance and lauryn sitting in the corner. We grabbed them and ran to the gym not thinking about anything but getting out. all the gunshots and screaming just fueled our legs pushing us to run faster. As we hit that locker room door we could smell the fresh air and freedom until we realized it wasn’t just the school under attack.

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