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One Day Narrative Report Essay

KYLE (CONT’D) There’s the look I was waiting for. Kyle hugs Morris. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – DAY Morris crosses out in red “walking” from his goal list. INT. HALLWAY – DAY Later. Morris practices walking down the hallway. He takes a few steps, then clenches onto the railing in the hallway. He takes a few more steps, letting go of the railing. He starts gaining confidence that he could walk without holding onto something. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – NIGHT Later. Morris lies on his bed with the phone up to his ear. INT. MORRIS’S HOME – NIGHT Sandy is in her kitchen, phone wedged against her ear.

SANDY That’s great, congrats! And I found out one of your clients named Abunai went to another insurance agent, but Doug reached out to him and explained your story. He just closed on a new deal and he said he will split the profits with us. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – NIGHT MORRIS G-great that’s g-good to h-h-hear. Bye s-see you soon. Morris hangs up the phone and closes his eyes. INT. MRI MACHINE – DAY Morris lays on his back as he comes out of the MRI machine. His black and blue around his eye is gone. Even though Morris has his headpiece and neck brace on his demeanor looks healthy and resembles a normal man.

INT. HALLWAY – NIGHT Morris walks down the hallway towards his room without holding onto the railing. Later he stands in his doorway. He looks into his room. The TV is off and John is sleeping with Morris’s headphones on listening to motivational tapes. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – MORRIS’S SIDE OF THE ROOM – DAY Morris eats his breakfast in bed. John and Morris watch the basketball game it’s Virginia Cavaliers verse the Los Angelos Lakers. Morris takes another bite from his food. JOHN’S SIDE OF THE ROOM But John slams his hands down onto his tray. His utensils go flying off his tray.

JOHN Ughhhh! MORRIS’S SIDE OF THE ROOM Morris puts his fork down. MORRIS W-What h-happened? JOHN’S SIDE OF THE ROOM John points to the screen. JOHN The Lakers just scored a point. John is enraged, and he pushes his tray forward. INT. EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING – DAY Dr. Nettle sits at the head of the table. Joined by Eileen, Yaffna, and Ruth. Morris passes forms onto Sandy. Sandy signs the forms. DR. NETTLE Before we close this meeting I just need the staff’s input on Morris’s condition. EILEEN Morris successfully passed his speech lesson he pronounced most of the words with efficiently and within a short time frame.

Eileen looks at Yaffna, who is supposed to speak next. YAFFNA Morris failed his physical therapy. Morris’s jaw drops, he is in shock. YAFFNA (CONTD) His right leg is one hundred percent flexible, but he still needs additional physical therapy lessons. Yaffna turns to Ruth. It’s Ruths turn to speak. Ruth smiles giving false hope. RUTH Morris failed his general care routine. He remains optimistic, but he lacks thinking realistically. All his needs were met at the hospital, but will they be met at home? I highly recommend counseling so he can deal with his limitations.

YAFENA (chimes in) In my opinion he’s useless in the real world. He can’t brush his teeth or comb his hair. EILEEN Yes, I’d like to add that Morris needs further speech lessons at home to improve his speech since it’s no where near perfect. Morris folds his arms across his chest, completely in disgust at what he just heard. DR. NETTLE That is all, this meeting is closed. Dr. Nettle stamps Morris’s form. Stamp reads: Released INT. HALLWAY – NIGHT Morris walks down the hall next to his wife. MORRIS | c-can’t b-believe they said that! SANDY Hun don’t get upset you’re almost out of here.

Morris and Sandy stand in front of Morris’s room. The door is open. SANDY (CONT’D) Do you need anymore boxes? Morris looks into his room. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – NIGHT Boxes fill the side of his room. John has everything put into boxes. Morris’s stuff is mostly packed up. INT. HALLWAY – NIGHT Morris looks at Sandy. MORRIS No I th-think I’m good. SANDY Okay then I’m going to go… bye love you. Sandy kisses Morris on the lips. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – DAY Dr. Gentil unscrews Morris’s headpiece. He grabs the headpiece off of Morris’s head. Ruth removes the blood off of Morris’s face.

DR. GENTIL How does it feel? MORRIS Great! Dr. Gentil whistles as he walks out of the room. Both John and Morris have their headpieces removed. INT. PHYSICAL THERAPY ROOM – DAY Morris walks around the room. He stops when he walks up to Yaffna. Yaffna stops her watch. MORRIS W-What’s my time? YAFFNA Ten minutes and thirty seconds. Yaffna nods her head in approval. EXT. HOSPITAL BENCH – NIGHT John and Morris sit on a hospital bench looking up at the stars in the sky. MORRIS So when are you l-I-leaving? JOHN Tomorrow how about you? MORRIS F-F-Friday the thirteenth. JOHN You always have to test your luck.

John chuckles to himself. Morris joins in laughing. JOHN (CONT’D) Make sure you don’t blast the TV too loud if you get a new roommate. MORRIS I won’t. Morris digs into his pocket. MORRIS (CONTD) I want you to h-have this. Morris gives John one of his motivational tapes. JOHN Thanks pal. John accepts the motivational tape from Morris. INT. PHYSICAL THERAPY ROOM – DAY Morris stands at the end of the room. MORRIS Time? YAFENA Eight minutes and fifty four seconds. (heartless) Good job. MORRIS Thanks Yaff-na. Will I see you t-t-tomorrow before I go? YAFENA No. She turns her cheek to Morris, sticking her head next to his.

She clenches her teeth. YAFFNA (CONT’D) I don’t do good bye’s. Morris hugs Yaffna. MORRIS Bye Y-Yaffna thanks for h-helping me with my v-valking. YAFFNA (in Russian) Enough. (in English) Let go of me! Morris lets go of her, but he laughs. Yaffna cracks a smile at him. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – NIGHT Morris walks into an empty room, filled with boxes. He walks to his bed and sits on the edge. He grabs the remote from his nightstand and turns the TV on. He blasts the TV, a basketball game is on. Morris looks over at Johns bed, but he’s not there. Morris lays in bed, shutting the TV off.

Morris grabs his headphones and plays his motivational tapes. He closes his eyes. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – DAY – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1981 – EIGHT MONTHS AFTER THE ACCIDENT Sandy pulls one of the quotes off of Morris’s wall. SANDY Want me to throw these out or keep them? MORRIS Keep it. We can put it in our new t-t-townhouse. Sandy collects the rest of the quotes. She puts them in her purse. Morris gets up from his bed and walks over to Sandy. Sandy grabs a blank tape from her purse. SANDY John gave me this for you. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – NIGHT (Flashback) Boer walks up to John.

He points to Morris. BOER What’s the name of the movie you’re watching? Morris wants to talk to you about it. John turns around looking at Morris. He is disgusted by what he sees. He gags spit in the back of his throat at the sight of Morris. He looks at Boer. JOHN That man will be dead by dawn, it’s no use getting to know him. John turns his back to Morris. INT. REHABILITATION CENTER BEDROOM – DAY (Back to present) Morris turns the blank tape over. There’s a Post-It note on the back of the movie. Post-It note reads: Rocky EXT. HOSPITAL – DAY A crowd of doctors and nurses wave goodbye to Morris.

Dr. Nettle, Dr. Gentil, Ruth, Boer, Caroline, Fabio, and Eileen are in the front row. INT. SANDY’S CAR – DAY Morris sits in the passenger seat. His door is open. He waves goodbye to everyone. Sandy slowly closes the door. INT. DR. YISH’S OFFICE – DAY Morris opens up the door, standing tall in the doorway. Morris still wears his neck brace. Dr. Yish looks up glancing at Morris. He can’t believe his eyes. He grabs his glasses from his desk putting them on, he takes a second look at Morris. MORRIS Hi Dr. Y-Yish, I told you I’d c-come back and s-shake your hand. He walks towards Dr. Yish. Dr. Yish takes his glasses off, unable o believe his eyes. He stands up from his desk. Morris shakes Dr. Yish’s hand. Morris gives Dr. Yish the films. Dr. Yish holds them up to the light studying the scans. DR. YISH Your scans look decent. MORRIS Thanks doc, but I miss h-hunting will I ever be able to s-s-shoot a gun? DR. YISH No you can’t. The recoil from the gun would smash your neck. Morris stands with his arms across his chest.

MORRIS (V. O. ) Hearing the word no, made me want to prove him wrong. Morris blinks twice and makes an indignant face. INT. SHOOTING GROUNDS – DAY – TWO YEARS LATER Morris sits on a bench next to DR. COOK, fifty six, who is a neurologist. Morris is not wearing a neck brace. He looks completely healthy. MORRIS … and that’s my story. Dr. Cook is speechless – he is in utter shock and amazement with Morris’s story. DR. COOK I can’t believe you’re alive. I’m a neurologist and anyone with those impairments would be dead. Never in a million years would I imagine myself sitting on a bench of a shooting range with you. SHOOTING INSTRUCTOR, grabs Morris’s shoulder. SHOOTING INSTRUCTOR (broken Russian accent) Zis shoot-er is up for our first round of shoot-ting. Morris puts his goggles on and shoots the gun.

Ten gunshots consecutively fire. Morris remains calm, he lowers his gun when the last shot goes off. Dr. Cook stands up from the bench and lifts his goggles up on his head. His mouth drops open. Looking at the first board it has two shots that hit the target. Dr. Cook’s board has four shots that hit the target. Morris puts his goggles on his head, standing in front of his board. MORRIS How’d I do for being h-handicapped? Morris chuckles to himself. He walks away. His board shows that he shot all ten of his targets. INT. TOWNHOUSE – KITCHEN – DAY Morris sits at the kitchen table watching a basketball game on the TV.

HALLWAY Sandy is at the end of the hallway, about to take a step into the kitchen. She goes through the mail. KITCHEN Sandy walks into the kitchen throwing an envelope face down on the kitchen table. Morris picks up the letter, studying the front of the envelope. Morris rips it open and pulls the letter out. He reads the note while he grabs his uneaten turkey off his plate and feeds it to Grace. At the sight of food Grace sits up. MORRIS I can’t believe you taught Grace new tricks. Sandy looks at Morris. SANDY I wanted to surprise you when you came home from flying for the first time, but your surprise out did mine.

Morris smiles. He grabs a large chunk of turkey off his plate and feeds it to Grace. INT. HALLWAY – DAY Morris walks down the hallway towards the front door. He holds in his hand two wrapped objects. SANDY Where are you going? MORRIS I’m going to the mailbox… relax. Morris opens up the door and slams it shut behind him. EXT. DRIVEWAY – DAY Morris puts the two wrapped objects in the mailbox. He quickly turns around walking fast towards his house. But he bumps his knee into the car. He falls into the car, his head is about to crash into the window.

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