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Boeing company paper

Most of us see aviation as a means of transportation and an alternate mode of travel. Boeings businesses are clearly doing one of the things that core businesses are suppose to do. They are making lots of cash. For many years Boeing has been the leader, earning an average cash flow of a billion dollars or more each year. This gives lots of options to maximize shareholders values. This company just seems to have lots of outside areas of interest too. Maybe youre bored sitting around the house and had a craving for some pizza.

Did you ever wonder how its stays so hot in twenty minutes after the drive leaves the restaurant? Its the space-age thermal incubator, one of the many things the food industry acquired from Boeing space and communication program. There were two events that made a significant change in the history of modern aviation. The Wright Brothers first flight and William Boeing, born October 1, 1881 in Detroit, Michigan. He was the founder, owner, President, and Chairman of the board from 1916-1934. He took advantage, in 1903, of small risky ventures and made a big financial gain.

He lived until 1956 long enough to see the company go into the jet age. Since the beginning, Boeing has become an aviation giant with an estimated $2,375 billion a year in sales. In 2ooo, Boeings stock appreciation was 59 percent, the second highest in Dow Jones Industry Average. When put together with dividends, Boeing earns a 61 percent total return for their investors. They also have a place in space communication as well. In 2000 they signed agreements with the government of Turkey and Australia worth $2. 5 billion.

They are to provide 737 aircrafts, plus ground support for mission crew training mission support and systems modifications. Boeing also has a capital corporation in which it leases and lends money to other corporations such as General Motors, Disney, State Farm, and a host of others. For more than 30 years it has been a worldwide provider of lease and loan financing for a wide range of commercial equipment and all types of commercial aircrafts and business aircrafts. Military Aerospace support is also a big venture for Boeing too. This has become a key role in business deals.

The revenue generated from the military is approximately $3 billion. That amount is expected to triple in 10 years. Boeings jet business is increasing in size and is recognized around the world executives and private individuals as a comfortable, and productive business to be involved with. In addition, a partnership between Boeing Business Jet and Executives provides access to the BBJ for individuals and corporations who have a requirement for large, long-range business airplane but who cannot justify the cost of owning the entire business jet.

Operation revenues for 2000 were $51. 3 billion compared with $58. 0 billion in 1999. The lower revenues for the years 2000 are because decreases in deliveries in the Commercial Airplane Segment. Commercial Airplane products and several ventures account for 61%, 66%, and 66% of the total operating revenues for the years 2000, 1999, 1998, respectively.

Another segment of operations are the Military Aircraft and Missiles. Their earnings for 2000 and 1999 were $1. illion and $1. 2 billion, respectively. With sales like this, one can easily see why I choose this company. If not for their part in helping provide faster transportation system to the world then surly, from serving in the United States Navy for over nine years. They have provided us with some of the fastest and tactical aircraft like the: F-A5, F/A-18E/F, and the V-22to name just a few. One can only wonder what they have in store for our future.

Space and Communication are too far back in the Stone Age. True enough we have advanced far, but the biggest is yet to come. Boeing provides us with Hughes space and communication, satellites, and a global system like no other. High-speed broadband service worth about $82 million is the one I feel is the most important. Boeing research products for this side of their company cost about $500 million, this proves why they are number one in leading the world in so many areas.

Boeing is not just a company to me; they are like the employer, and the employee. With out them our military would not be as far as we are today. I would have not known about the aircrafts that I do know about now, or may have never joined the service. They are not only makers of aircrafts, satellite communications and high speed broadband, but they are ranked among the best in the world, and not just in the United States. Their company provides services to many other nations in the worlds, as we know today.

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