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Wickedness: How Do People Become Evil? Essay

Big Question: How do people become evil? “Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them? ” Last summer I went to go see the musical Wicked. This question was asked at the beginning of the musical but it never gave a direct answer. I believe that wickedness is thrust upon people whether it be from an illness or from certain tragedies they have faced. In the musical there is basically just a misunderstanding between the townspeople and the “wicked” witch. She was actually the hero but the villain had the power of media.

In other cases in society such as serial killers. Statistics show that most either have had a tragedy during their younger ages or they have an illness of the brain. SPOILERS. Since Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore is the sixth book in the series is might be hard to summarise without giving away spoilers. It all started a long time ago. John Smith, this isn’t his real name in fact he never really had a real name. The closest thing he has is a number. Four. This is his name. When Four was young and on his home planet, Lorien, (yes Four is an alien) a neighboring planet attacked.

This attack was lend by Setrakus Ra, the antagonist. In order to have the slightest chance at survival the Elders of Lorien chose 9 young Garde. Garde are people that have been born with legacies, powers, to protect their planet. These 9 children were taken to a planet far away where they hoped they could escape Setrakus Ra. The children were taken to Earth. After living to be about 16 on Earth, things started going downhill. Setrakus Ra found the first three of the 9 kids. Four was next and while be targeted he found a lot of the other nine.

He met Six and Nine. Five and Seven. Eight who was now deceased and the surprising Ten. All of the lasting members of the Garde. Now my book picked up at the start of Setrakus’s invasion of Earth in New York City. He and his friend Sam, a human, were fighting when Sam got the telekinesis legacy. (amazing plot twist) Nine was also in New York fighting against the traitor Five. Speaking of which the other plot involves Six and Seven they went to New Mexico to find the Entity of Lorien. When they found it, it was using Eight’s body to seem more trustworthy.

Anyways the Entity tried to help the only way it could by giving people, humans, legacies. Then the Entity with the help of Ten was able to connect everyone with legacies, Lorien and human, briefly to show them why they had to fight. The Entity showed them Setrakus and how he became what he is. He started as a normal Garde on Lorien and fell in love with a Cepan, people from lorien that don’t have powers and are just supposed to be normal. After they got married Setrakus noticed how hard it was for Celwe, his wife, to do things without legacies. THis became his mission.

He wanted a way to give everyone legacies. Doing this made people monsters, not heros and the elders of lorien sent out Pittacus Lore to make Setrakus stop. The sentence was the death penalty but Pittacus used to be Setrakus’s best friend and just banished him to another planet, Magordian. Here Setrakus used his knowledge to make the Magodians more powerful and that’s when he invaded Lorien. The book ends with Sarah, John’s girlfriend. She was wounded in battle while protecting Six while she tried to kill Setrakus Ra. Sarah most likely won’t make it.

From reading my book The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore I think I know a little bit more about the answer to the question of how people become evil. “I’m shocked by how normal he seems, a young guy sitting on the beach, staring glumly at a girl he likes. Where did it all go so wrong? ” At this part in my book it is having a flashback to a scene from the villain’s past. At this moment he seems so normal that it is odd how sinister he became. The book is questioning how people become evil too. “What is Setrakus working on? ” She takes a deep breath. “It’s a dig.

Out in the mountains. I shouldn’t. I don’t know how exactly to explain it. What he does out there… he says he does it for me, Pittacus. Like it’s a gift. ” Celwe’s voice catches. There are tears in her eyes. “But I don’t want it. ” This scene in the book is a conversation between the villain’s wife and his childhood best friend. Both of them have noticed the change in character since Setrakus was younger from now. Now he is obsessed with this secret project that supposed to be a gift for Celwe. I believe that the book is saying that love is a reason we become evil.

The saying love makes us do crazy things is true and while that saying is mostly used for people acting nervous around a crush, it is also being used here for a darker purpose. It is saying that Setrakus is doing a lot of bad things to give a gift to his wife because of love, but it’s a gift that she doesn’t even want. And now that Celwe is dead he is doing it for his only living relative, his granddaughter, so that she can rule over the new planet, Earth. But not only does she not want this it will most likely kill her in the process.

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