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Delaying School Start Times Essay

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Delaying School Start Times: Is It Good For Students?

School start times is a major issue for students. It’s has either been affecting them academically, or by reducing the students sleep time. Some schools have made the change of delaying start times, hoping for an improvement in students. Studies have shown that delaying start times have a beneficial effect on students. School Start Time Should be delayed early in the morning. Delaying start times could help students academically and increase sleep time. On the other hand, some might say sleeping is not the most necessary thing of the day. Stating “The amount a sleep a student gain doesn’t affect their academic performance.” Even…

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, adolescents who don’t get enough sleep have a low performance in class. Which is a health concern to the public, for example, teen crash rates. Not sleeping for students is an issue that can’t just affect themselves but also others. Going further on The American Academy of Pediatrics, also states that students, mostly adolescents must get at least everyday 8 to 9 hours a sleep. Parents can help to enforce this by taking social media from their child, helping them to gain more sleep. Sleep is the most important thing, especially for the underage. Parents and the delayed school start times can help with the amount of sleep a student gets.
Sleep is the most important thing a student on a daily academic basis can have. The amount of sleep does matter, it’s effect on students benefits them in a positive way. As shown students who have experienced the change have improved academically because of the increase of sleep. Teachers who experienced early school start times know how it is to see students appearing at class, but they really aren’t there. But if this has so much benefit for students, why not delay schools start…

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