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Persuasive School Uniforms Essay

School uniforms help to keep the school safer, and less bullying happens. Our brainstorming process consisted of using the 7-step decision making process, through the brainstorming, we had many ideas. Some of our ideas were hats, lunch, and backpacks. We chose school uniforms, because many schools don’t have uniforms, we didn’t think it was fair that some schools have it and others don’t. School dress code shouldn’t be so strict. We as a group chose the dress code policy of Sartell School District that student are not allowed to wear hats, baggy clothes, certain shoes, and certain jewelry.

The policy shows that only certain genders can wear certain articles of clothing. Stated in the Sartell school board policy 504, tells that students aren’t allowed to wear “Short shorts”, skimpy tank tops, tops that expose the stomach, and clothes that don’t keep up with the community standard. This is where we got the idea of school uniforms, so many of rules would be lifted, and wouldn’t so strict. According to ProCon. org, by enforcing school uniforms, student assault decreased by 34% when enforcing uniforms.

Also student uniforms keep students focused on their educations, and their clothes. Also stated on ProCon. org the school uniforms made students were less concerned with fitting in their peers, and can concentrate more on their schoolwork. School uniforms may help to keep students inline with school, but not everyone agrees with them. School dress codes help to keep the students attention with what is appropriate. Our brainstorming process helped us come up with three alterative solutions for school uniforms.

By having one free day, students would be allowed to have something called “Freedom Friday”, and would be able to show them express themselves. On the negative side, it would promote more bullying, and help to show off gang colors. Many of the students would have to follow the dress code stated by the school district. On Monday through Thursday, they would have to wear their uniforms, and would be have to keep the uniforms clean and neat. Another solution we came up with was having multiple uniforms, students would get to chose between the school colors, and would have a different uniform for gym.

On the negative said, that the school would not provided the students with uniforms, the parents would have to pay for them. On the positive side the students would be dressing for safety, and would have many different ways they could style the outfit. Also the uniforms would be a good way to show who is a visitor, and who is not. By enforcing this rule, students would be safer on school grounds, and people could easily identify who is an invader. We decided that the school should have uniforms, and should have the Freedom Friday, were, as the student can dress appropriate in their own attire.

The students would be responsible for wearing their uniform Monday through Thursday, and Friday the students would need to wear clothing appropriate for school, and the weather. The rewritten policy for the school would be school uniforms are mandatory to be worn Monday-Thursday. For girls and boys, uniforms should be washed and pressed. Girl’s uniforms should be button to the top, and skirts should be passed knee length. Boy’s uniforms should have kakis, and shirt buttoned up to the top. On Fridays students are aloud to wear appropriate attire.

Students should have appropriate clothes for the weather, clothes should not create a health or safety hazard, and appropriate for activities. Clothing that shouldn’t be worn at school, consists of tank top, midriff tanks, muscle shirts, shorts that can’t go past the knees. Objects, badges, symbols, signs, objects, or pictures that show racists, sexist, or gangs, will be asked to change. In conclusion, we thought Freedom Friday was a good idea, because it gave the students, an idea to express themselves.

The Problem-solving Process helped us come up with the idea of Freedom Friday, and gathered that students should be allowed to have Freedom Friday, until it becomes a problem. Students would expected to follow the rules, and if broken then would be punished. I thought this was the best solution, because it allows many of the students show creativity for themselves, express themselves, enjoy coming to school, having fun, and wanting to be a good member of society. In the end Freedom Friday, was the best option and could not compete with the rest of the alternatives.

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