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Describe Career Goals

Describe your educational and career goals. I have not decided on a specific major that I would like to pursue in college, but I do know that I plan on attending medical school after college. As an adult, I would like to be a pediatrician. I have strongly considered majoring in neuroscience, because I find the discipline to be fascinating, but I have also considered other biology/chemistry/physics majors. When I was younger, I wanted to go into law, like my father.

However, I realized as I got a little older that what appealed to me about a career in law was not the thrill of a trial or the arguing, but rather the potential to help other people. Given that science-related classes and activities have always been my favorite, I have decided that a career in medicine is more fitting for my interests and life goals. Based on the early research I have done about schools that have reputable programs for the fields that I want to study, I have a rough list of about fifteen schools.

Towards the top of my list (based on the programs, and other factors like location) are the University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pittsburgh. I am interested in the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and also some other smaller liberal arts schools. Another possibility that I have considered is studying abroad in Canada at McGill University or the University of Toronto. McGill particularly interests me because of its proximity to French-speaking Montreal (I have been studying French in high school).

I have a few family friends who have studied at these two universities and speak very highly of their experiences. What extracurricular activities have been the most meaningful to you? Two of my extracurricular activities have been particularly impactful for me: Science Olympiad and FBLA. I have been participating in Science Olympiad since I was in the seventh grade, and I credit it with much of my interest in science-related topics. Each year, I study for 4-5 different events and compete at the regional and state competitions.

Every year I have medalled at the regional and/or state levels, and helped my team place well in the overall competition. Studying independently for events in a wide range of topics allowed me to explore my options when it comes to science-related careers. I have learned how to be self-motivated, inquisitive, and disciplined. Science Olympiad has increased my knowledge and understanding of science in ways that apply not only to my current classes, but also to what I want to study in the future. The second activity, FBLA, is one that I started as a freshman.

Though I can speak publicly when I have to, I am much more comfortable being quiet. I joined FBLA to help me get over some of my anxiety about public speaking, and I ended up being more successful than I initially expected. As a freshmen, my partner and I wrote a paper, presented it, earned first in the state, and qualified to attend nationals in Chicago. Though we did not win at nationals, we had the experience of going on a trip away from home and presenting to judges in a high-pressure situation. As a sophomore, my partners and I wrote another paper that also won first in the state.

We attended the national competition, which was held in Atlanta, this past summer. We did not win at nationals, but presenting our paper and ideas was much less daunting than it was freshmen year. FBLA has taught me how to present myself in a professional environment and communicate my ideas with confidence. Last year I was on the fundraising committee for FBLA. The positions for this year have not yet been decided, but I believe I will be on the education committee, the purpose of which is to help members study for and succeed in their events. Have you been involved in any community service projects?

I have been involved in a few community service projects since starting high school. In total, I have amassed 112. 75 hours of community service (as of 10/17/16). Every summer since the summer before my eighth grade year, I have volunteered at Schlow Library and helped with the reading program that is put on for young children. My primary job there is to handout the tickets that the children earn and help them fill them out and enter them in the prize drawings. I have always enjoyed this activity because I constantly visited the library when I was younger.

I know many of the librarians personally, and am very familiar the the library’s layout. Furthermore, the children who visit the library are always so happy and so excited to be there. My interactions with children at the library has contributed to my desire to one day be a pediatrician and work with children everyday. I also regularly go back to Park Forest Middle School to help my prior math teachers put on math competitions, like Math League and MathCounts. Usually I score the tests the students take, but sometimes I help out with other duties like passing out papers or organizing the snack table.

I participated in both of these competitions when I was in middle school, so I love going back to help my teachers who were a big reason that I pursued higher levels of math and continued to enjoy the subject. I also plan on participating in many more service projects this year through my participation in the National Honor Society at State High. Have you had a part-time job or jobs? I have never had an official part-time job, but I do babysit for some of my neighbors on an as-needed basis. I have been babysitting since around my eighth grade year.

While it does not provide the same experience as an actual job, I have earned money babysitting and also learned a little bit about managing my own money. Through the actual experience of babysitting, I have learned how to be a responsible “adult” in a room full of children. I have also learned how to react quickly to any situation that an unpredictable, moody child might throw at me. This experience with young children has also inspired my desire to be a pediatrician, because I truly do enjoy working with them.

Select three adjectives that describe you as a student and a person. Three adjectives that describe me as a person are thoughtful, hardworking, and cheerful. I chose thoughtful because I believe it describes my academic attitude as well as my social one. When it comes to schoolwork, I always carefully plan large projects. I am thorough and neat on homework assignments and other classwork. In English classes or discussions, I am contemplative about my responses. In social situations, I always try to be considerate of others and their feelings.

I chose hardworking because I put my greatest effort into all of my assignments and projects, whether they be personal or for school. I always take the time to understand confusing assignments and materials, and I will seek out answers and help for concepts that I do not understand. I also chose cheerful because it represents my general outlook on life. I truly believe that attitude is one of the few things that I have complete control over, and as such I try my hardest to make sure my attitude is a positive, optimistic one that will allow me to overcome obstacles while still being friendly and happy.

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