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Clausen: Pros, Cons Of Raising The Minimum Wage Essay

The democrat Todd Clausen is taking a neutral stance on the fragile issue of minimum wage in this article. As a democrat one would assume that his article would be for it, but no. It’s explained how there are both benefits and harms if the government increase the minimum wage, but he mostly talks about the benefits. Therefore, an example, he give is fast food workers. Seventy five percent are women raising a child and if we would raise the minimum wage, the average spending statewide would increase by three billion.

That itself would fluctuate the economy and lower the national debt in a mere decade. Compare to other sources, this article is the least profound and more rational. It gave accurate numbers with statistics and solid facts to support its claim that increasing the minimum wage can be both good and bad. To elaborate, the article gave examples of different area that have increased the minimum wage and rose to prominence. Los Angeles is the main focus, now the citizen there are less concerned with finance and pursue other endeavors to benefit the community.

The source’s only fault is its bias opinions towards the states that have a low minimum wage, it’s indirectly attacking them by being condescending toward their regulation. Besides this small mistake, the article was overall well written and come from an exceptionally credible website. I was very impressive with his sources because it was the only one that made me hesitant on my claim that increasing the minimum wage would be a blessing to everyone. The source is very important to my research because of how passionate it’s with the Pro’s, yet willing to acknowledge an opposing argument.

It shows me that the issues with minimum wage aren’t simple, but nevertheless my beliefs on this topic is unwavering. I fully support the idea of raising the minimum wage and truly believe that it will secure the future of this nation and its people. Jamieson, Dave. “GOP Candidates Resoundingly Reject The Idea Of A Minimum Wage Hike. “Http://www. huffingtonpost. com/. Huffingtonpost, 11 Nov. 2015. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. This source gives a great amount of information about the debate of minimum wage from the Republican party’s candidates for the upcoming presidential election.

It shows how the most candidates, especially Carson and Trump are the most persistent on making minimum wage stay the same. According to Donald Trump we are losing to other countries in economic and social aspects, due to the already high increase in minimum paying job, which is starting to cause inflation. While Ben Carson would use his own experiences in life to argue how beneficial it is for everyone. Huffingtonpost is a very legitimate sources that been providing logical news for years now, so the credibility of if this debate is solid and unwavering.

The two candidates Trump and Carson seem to be very opinion based, their argument lacks all merit, especially Trump. His main argument already stems from the fact that he made a multi million company and he did this when the economies minimum wage is low. Besides that his other statement seems rash; he’s implying that by raising minimum wage more immigrant would come into the united states and hurt our already unstable economy. While Carson, having no good response, brought up his ethnicity, saying how African Americans would be affected the most.

Then Carson gave us an example of his life and how he grew up on a minimum wage job, but eventually rose to the top of society. A conservative point of view accelerated my research, it made me question how raising the minimum wage will affects the upper class of society. The most popular republican candidates tend to be against the controversial issue of increasing the minimum wage, but give no logical answer to how it will harm or benefit the economy. Personally, my perspective on this issue has not changed; both Trump and Carson lack a lot of logic in their debates and try to appeal more emotionally to the people.

My resolution for this issue is unwavering due to the fact that these so call professional politicians on the republican side have no rationality to their argument on this issue. “Minimum Wage Mythbusters. ” Http://www. dol. gov/. United States Department Of Labor, n. d. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. Minimum Wage Mythbusters disproves many myths about minimum wage; how it can increase inflation or cause people to be unemployed. These and many more stereotype beliefs are disproven in the article, which is verified and explain by historical examples relating to the economy as a comparison.

Also, it specifically provides facts relating to how increasing the minimum wage would affect the lower and middle class. These two social classes are the most concerned because it affects them directly. Therefore, the article states that common facts about the minimum wage is merely distorted by gossip and spread throughout the public. At first, this source doesn’t seem like much because of its simplicity, but that’s one of its significant qualities. The articles address all common concerns that many Americans have about increasing the minimum wage.

It makes a specific argument on each statement given, and being backed up by the department of labor makes it a very creditable source. Since it wasn’t published by the Democrat or Republican party make it non biased to a great extent. Despite all of the strengths this source have, there are many prominent flaws. One major shortcoming is how the sources never explain in detail how minimum wage would affect the upper class, or foreign citizens. Most of the focus is too narrow and not browned enough for this argument to be effective.

When I finished analysing the caliber of this source, I’ve come to the conclusion that this piece would be very useful to my research of answering my question of increasing the minimum wage. It gave me an uninfluenced, yet credible source that will make it easier for others to understand that the benefits are worth the minimal harm. Thus, this source has only strengthened my belief that increasing the national minimum wage will not harm the economy, and that those rumors are false. Perry, Suzanne. “Wage Fight Poses Dilemma for Nonprofits Squeezed by State Funding. Chronicle of Philanthropy 22 May 2014. Academic OneFile. Web. 13 Nov. 2015. Suzanne perry discusses the effects of increasing the minimum wage and how many organizations take advantage of the system. She goes from a charity organization point of view, and explain how political leaders, especially republicans have blocked a minimum wage increase bill. Furthermore, states provide a budget for nonprofit organizations and by increasing the minimum wage the service and funding for nonprofit organizations will decrease This whole process will depend on state reimbursement.

This article has some valid points regarding minimum wage, but its main focus was about how increasing the minimum wage would affect charity or nonprofit organizations. Thats one of the major flaws in the article, but a strength of this article can also be how they connected it to a topic that haven’t really been touched on, and that can can a broader audience. Furthermore, the tone of the article is very oblivious and shallow for it does not address all aspects of the issue to make it a strong argument.

The article made me realized that increasing minimum wage would affect more factions in the economy than I previously anticipated. Many of theses factions are very ignorant against the idea of increasing the minimum wage; they aren’t willing to look at the big picture. Therefore, my view hasn’t been affected much by this source, . for everything here seems selfish and more egocentric when it comes to the debate of minimum wage. Despites all of its major flaw, the article contributed a lot of opposing viewpoints that are very informative when I’m trying to answer my research questions how minimum wage will affect the economy.

Reich, Robert. “We Should Raise the minimum Wage: Reich. ” CNBC. N. p. , 27 Apr. 2015. Web. 13 Nov. 2015. Robert Reich, former labor secretary is taking a very liberal stance on the conflicting issue of minimum Wage in Seattle Washington. He makes the argument that with higher minimum wage, we as a nation will be paying less for food stamps, medicaid, and other assistance the working class needs due to their financial increase. After carefully reading this article, it obvious that the author is biased toward the increase of minimum wage.

One example proving this is how Robert Reich is a democrat and they all tend to be anti conservative, yet this the article seems to be very reliable. He is the former labor sectary, meaning that he has years of experience dealing with the economic problems of this nation regarding the work force. The strength of the article would be how he acknowledges the pro’s and con’s of minimum wage, yet a major weakness is how unspecific he is when it come to how this will affect the nation.

He is just discussing it on a local level, which is the futile purpose of this piece. This source has given me more insight to the controversial debate of minimum wage. It made me realized that by increasing minimum wage we would require the middle class to pay less for the lower class standard of living, which would be aiding society. A Con would be how it might cause an unpredictable inflation within the nation, and a repeat of the great depression might occur.

Overall, this article haven’t changed my view of minimum wage; it only strengthens my already adamant opinion that minimum wage should increase in the United states. After carefully examining all of the sources, it’s obvious that raising the minimum wage is very beneficial; for everyone. Research has shown that since the standard of living is increasing, so should the income of jobs. More highschool student will have a easier job paying for future expenses like college, the poor class of society will decrease over time, and this will help with the unemployment rate.

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