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Pros And Cons Of Utilitarianism Essay

On this topic of gay marriage l’ve chosen the two ethical theories of utilitarianism and the Kantian ethics theory. On the pro side the utilitarianism theory plays a huge role when referring to this topic. Some may argue that it is constitutional and some may say that it just isn’t the right thing to do in this country. With this theory the actions are said to be judged in terms of promotion of human happiness. If someone is happy why it should matter what the law or government thinks. It’s important in addition with this topic because gay marriage is something that has been going on for a couple years now.

The news and media has made it obvious, and with this argument there are two sides. Should gay marriage be acted upon as something normal or should people act on this as a complete abomination (http://www. freedomtomarry. org/). On the other hand you have the Kantian ethics theory, this theory acts upon which is right or wrong conforming the requirements of rationality and human dignity. Knowing that there are certain things to and not to do, gay marriage is still one of those topics that fits in that category. Some people think that gay marriage shouldn’t be tolerated.

These ethical theories are important in my consideration of this issue because they state whether what we as people should judge from right and wrong, and how we should treat others as individuals. It’s impacting our culture heavily and making us judgmental of one another. We live in a world where over half of the marriages end in divorce. This is truly a confounding issue that faces us today. The moral and ethical ramifications brought about by such a change in family organization will only begin to show in the years to come.

Some of these issues are addressed in both Laurie Abraham’s Divorced Father,” and Barbara Whitehead’s “Women and the Future of Fatherhood. ” Where did this all begin? Well, of course all the demoralizing things that can be seen on television have not helped to build strong values in our society. We can no longer expect to watch a game of football without seeing a woman’s breast. Our society is truly crumbling before our eyes. The younger generations now view sex in a more liberal way than ever before. They feel that they can have sex and not face the consequences later. These teens then face a harsh reality of having to raise a child having no experience doing so.

The teen parent cannot rely on his or her partner because he or she does not know anything as well, and the partner feels trapped in a marriage they did not want, but cannot leave. The couple in-turn turns to their parents for guidance. Having a child is hard enough when it is brought in loving family who is prepared for him or her, but when it is burden for the mother and father, then problems are sure to arise. The young couple has a possibility of surviving these hard times, but the reality is that they will most likely not be able to deal with it.

They will either tear away at each other, or grow bored with the lust that has faded with time. Divorce is Band-Aid society has for them, a solution that leaves the children with a missing link (Sanders, 1421-81). The product of this marriage is a child raised by parents who knew nothing about rearing a child, and who now knows nothing about a proper and loving family because he or she did not grow up in one. One can just imagine this situation occurring. There are countless children raised by their grandparents or adopted families who wonder everyday why their mommy and daddy did not love them enough to keep them.

These same children soon realize that they were mistakes. This is a sad reality, and as more and more generations grow up like this they will begin to see it as the norm (http://static-1. namx. org/services/HTML/case-lgbtsamesex. html). What we as a society need to do is go back to when children had a loving mother and father; children were born after marriage, and raised in a happy and loving family. The dynamics of marriage have changed though; the definition of what marriage is coming into question. Is marriage only between a man and a woman?

My personal opinion is that anyone should be able to marry, but the best design for a family is one of a man and woman. Many would object to this strict definition, but the impact of a child raised by a gay or lesbian couple must be taken into account. Bulling is a reality and children with different situations at home are easier to fall prey to it. Some might also have an issue with a gay or lesbian raising a child of the same sex. These same people would argue they would offer a very unorthodox home that condones same sex relationships.

Another issue that has faced families in t few decades is that of income. Women in our society have more freedom than ever before. Women now more often than not account for an equal share of the household income, making raising a family more difficult. In the past women were only expected to raise the children, but now bringing home an income is also necessary. The ways we view and have changed marriage today will forever shape our society for generations to come (http://www. freedomtomarry. org/). The structure of marriage has undergone some remodeling, as a child some of my friend’s parents were divorced.

My best friend Adam, whom | knew since fifth grade, parents divorced when he was eleven. I did not notice many differences when it happened. I did sense that he was more withdrawn and quiet than he was before. When I did talk to him about it years later, he told me they were tough times; his parents had fought a lot with each other, but now were somewhat more amicable. I try to wonder what my life would have been like if my parents had divorced, his parents divorced because they fought, my parents often argued nonstop, what was to prevent them from divorcing?

I think what differentiates my parents from his were the values my parents have. This impacted their views on divorce. However, if my parents would have divorced, I would have lived with my mother. First of all, she knows how to raise and take care of a child. My father is the father figure who shows no emotion, his role would be to support us financially. There are too many “what ifs” and possibilities to continue, but I am sure I would be not the same person I am today. I do not know who I would be (http://www. freedomtomarry. org/).

In conclusion, many children have to deal with the emotion and pain they are experiencing on their own. Their parents are usually dealing with their own problems both financially and emotionally. This common practice needs to end; we are neglecting our children by not helping them to deal with these times. Adding more distress to situation is that these children will usually grow up without a father figure, or be a transient between to the both parents. Both of these situations are leaving today’s generation confused on what a family is and should be.

Children are not always left without father figures though; today’s emerging family design has step-parents and half-brothers, entire new families! As I have said before, only time will tell what these new family models will sprout. Conservative society has not taken a backseat to all this, as we have seen in the recent election. Many do not want to see marriage changed, they fear change and feel it will destroy families. If their campaign succeeds we may go back to more traditionalist approach to families, but the politics and popular opinions will only be a Band-Aid on a gash on families have been left with.

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