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The Pros And Cons Of Wal-Mart Essay

Wal-Mart is a nationwide company and is a household term almost everyone knows. Some people find it as a store that tends to help the less wealthy, while others find it to be the complete opposite in aiding underprivileged families. Wal-Mart has different attributes to show that it is a good source of assistance for our society. Those services consist of low prices, a variety of goods, and it provides jobs. These details might be over looked when not observed closely, preventing people from truly appreciating what Wal-Mart is doing for our society. Despite all of the controversy, Wal-Mart is good for America.

Wal-Mart preaches the fact that it possesses the lowest-priced goods. Though it may be true in most cases, it hurts local business. Eventually those businesses’ will suffer the worst form of repercussion from these new establishments. “For every WalMart supercenter that opens in the next five years, two other supermarkets will close” (“Long” 103). Even though these local businesses will close, that outcome can simultaneously benefit everyone because they can still purchase the same items at equal or better quality for a reduced price. These low-prices tend to grab people’s attention and brings them in.

After coming in people take advantage and purchase the items they need, with an ability to acquire extra items if desired. “In a free country, consumers have the option to shop wherever they choose” (Hoeing 47). No one is forced to go into Wal-Mart and purchase items; it is a voluntary act. From viewing sale totals from yearly transactions, one can say that millions of people see the benefit in shopping at Wal-Mart and can conclude that shopping there truly benefits their financial situation. Furthermore, these low priced goods have a variety to them. Wal-Mart doesn’t limit its products to one specific need, but to any kind of need.

When setting foot Into a Wal-Mart it may be overwhelming to see all of the products to choose from. “A quick look around at the store in Paris makes clear what an employee is up against: thousands of items (90,000 in a typical WalMart)” (Olsson 612). To list a few items, Wal-Mart carries hardware, food, toys, and school supplies. Other stores that specialize in selling these products will lose a good percentage of customers that are needed to keep their business running. This variety can also potentially discourage customers from ever using different businesses.

Nonetheless, these different areas of goods will satisfy the needs of many people when located in one area. People may come in for a specific item, simply because they are able to purchase it at the lowest price possible. Another common scenario is that someone may go there for multiple purposes instead of just one. For example, one can complete his or her grocery shopping, while purchasing a computer that is needed for school. Instead of traveling through town to find the same type of a computer for a lower price they can do it all at Wal-Mart because of the convenience the store offers.

Not only small businesses but also larger companies can be hurt from this type of convenience. “The average Wal-Mart customer earns thirty-five thousand dollars a year” (Mallaby 621). Best Buy, for instance, sells electronics at prices that do not target the budget of these customers, while Wal-Mart sells electronics and many more items for reasonable prices. Lastly, Wal-Mart provides jobs for our growing society. As society grows, the amount of job opportunities increase and can easily over shadow one specific job. “Just as we have the right to choose where to shop, so do we have the right to pick where we work as well.

Wal-Mart hires workers on a voluntary basis, and right now 1. 3 million Americans have chosen to work there” (Hoeing 47). While choosing to work there, the workers do not receive the best kind of treatment. “A company that ignored it workers and its communities will surely have trouble succeeding in today’s brand-conscious world” (Garten 24). Admittedly, these workers do not receive the best wages, especially when starting off at the minimal amount hourly, but it is certain that some money is better than no money at all.

Furthermore, paychecks are not the only thing to look forward to while being employed by the company: “Full-Time workers receive benefits that include competitive wages, profit-sharing, 401(k) plans, paid vacations, life insurance, a discount card, medical coverage, disability insurance, scholarship bonuses and child-care discounts” (Hoeing 47). Receiving benefits of this number and variety makes it possible to live happily and comfortably off of this job. Otherwise, people wouldn’t apply to work there or volunteer to do any outstanding work for the company to give it the reputation it has today.

From being known globally it is no surprise that Wal-Mart is a main topic of conversation. Wal-Mart gives their customers more advantages than disadvantages, when those customers receive low income. As the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, they include low prices, a variety of goods, and jobs that people are willing to work for. These attributes that Wal-Mart possesses are often overlooked but cannot be denied once shown. It gives people an option to fall back on when in need, and is able to grant a more enjoyable way of living. Despite all of the controversy, Wal-Mart is good for America.

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