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Character Analysis: The Overlook Hotel Essay

Every building has their ghosts, the Overlook Hotel just happens to have more than you would expect. Jack just lost his job thanks to his temper and drinking problem. In an attempt to keep his family together, he finds a job as a caretaker for the Overlook Hotel. At first, everything seems fine. Though as the up coming winter approaches, Jack will soon find out that the hotel has more problems then he bargained for, and that his son is a little more special then he was expecting. Visualizing, predicting, and ___ is what will be seen in this paper.

Jack used to a have a drinking problem. Thanks to this, he ended up belligerent towards his wife and towards the kids he taught at collage. When one young man named George finally snaps, he decides to slash the tires on Jack car. In a fit of rage, Jack beats the boy to a pulp. He loses his job. His wife is worried about him and their son. Danny had spilt beer all over the story Jack had spent months writing. He grabbed Danny’s arm and turned him around to spank him, only to break his arm instead.

He promises his wife that he will not drink again in an attempt to stay with her. -and when he came home she would swear she smelled scotch or gin on his breath, but he would talk lucidly to her before supper (King 62)”. Through out this, I was able to imagine the way he had grabbed his son and turned him around so forcefully that is snapped his arm. I was able to see the way the beer foamed over the papers before soaking in. After he had lost his job, Jack was able to land another one at the Overlook Hotel thanks to his old drinking pal, Al. When they first got there, his son met a man named Hallorann who was the original cook there.

He quickly explained to Danny, Jack’s son, that he was shining. Thanks to this, Danny can figure out what people are thinking, and he can talk to his ‘imaginary friend Tony. Tony tried to warn him that they were in Jeopardy, but soon whatever was in the hotel stopped him. “I can’t come anymore, Danny… he won’t let me near you (King 451)” At first, my prediction was that Tony was a vengeful spirit. He seemed to be showing Danny some pretty horrible things. The farther the story went, the more it changed.

I predict that Tony is some kind of a delusion, or the ghost of a kid that died there, that wants to help Danny and his family leave. Lastly, I’ll be evaluating what is going on at the hotel. Hedge animals have moved, the elevator that started with the sound of people talking about a party, the blood on the wall, and the lady in room 217 who sleeps in the tub. It had been noted that a lot of colorful people have indeed stayed at this hotel before. There were mafia, drug dealers, and so on and so forth. It would not be a surprised if someone had died here before.

Both Jack and Danny have seen the hedge animals move at different times. They never actually see them more, but when they look over they are closer. The lady in the tub was seen by Danny, when he went in there after Hallorann told him not to. She was the only thing that physically was able to grab him with a grimace. “Still grinning, her hug marble eyes fixed on him, she was sitting up (King 320)”. My evaluation is that the hotel is haunted. That is obvious, though it seems like there are only a few spirits, or ghosts, that are bent on hurting them. Some, like the people at the party, just don’t mind them at all.

Compared to the ghosts the other buildings seem to have, the Overlook Hotel holds more than you were expecting. From drinking problems to walking corpses living in a room’s tub, Jack’s luck seems to have taken a turn for the worst. After all of this, it’s great to see that they are so far still able to stay together as a family, though who knows if that will stay together. I think I should get a 7/10 on this paper since the word choice is still poor and the transitions are rough. I also haven’t written a journal in awhile so I explained more of the plot and did less with the predicting and so on.

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