Salvation Army Research Paper

I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Salvation Army building on 4th Street, San Jose. The Salvation Army was founded by General William Booth and started in 1865. Since then it has grown to almost 1,150,666 members. It runs through the Protestant Church and they believe in the Holiness Movement. As of currently … Read more

Adolf Hitler Life

At half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a child was born in the small town of Branau, Austria. The name of the child was Adolf Hitler. He was the son a Customs official Alois Hitler, and his third wife Klara. As a young boy Adolf attendated church regulary and sang in … Read more

The Impact of Eleanor Roosevelt as a First Lady

Before Eleanor Roosevelt, the role of the first lady was not a political role; it was merely just a formal title of the president’s wife. Eleanor Roosevelt paved the way for all presidents’ wives to come by being active in politics during and after her husband’s presidency. Of course, she did not have instant success; … Read more

Joseph Heller’s Catch-22: Short Review

Joseph Heller satirizes, among other matters, red tape and bureaucracy in his first novel, Catch-22. The novel concerns itself with a World War II bombardier named Yossarian who suddenly realizes the danger of his position and tries various means to extricate himself from further missions. Yossarian is driven crazy by the Germans, who keep shooting … Read more