Being A Superhero: Is It An Easy Task?

The Desire to be a Superhero Most if not every child’s dream was to be a superhero. People love the fact that superheroes fight crime, obtain super powers, and gain fame and praise from saving the day. However, once a person really takes it into consideration, would he or she still want to be a … Read more

Watchmen Series And Superhero Stereotypes

As modern American culture has developed, comic books have been used as a means to reflect upon the nature of our society and the culture that has defined the country in itself. Comics have long been an integral attribute of American media, creating iconic figures such as DC Comics’ Batman character or Marvel Comics’ Spider-man. … Read more

The Incredibles: A Story About Superhero Family

The Incredibles The Incredibles is a Pixar animated film directed by Brad Bird that was released on November 5, 2004. The film is about a superhero family living a normal life while hiding their superpowers. Bob, who is also referred to as Mr. Incredible, longs to get back into action as a superhero; however, this … Read more