Personal Narrative-Project Solar Dawn

“For Justice!” Superman lets out a warcry, immediately throwing himself at his armoured archnemesis, sending them both into the mountain behind the ruined castle with a loud crash. I guess… that was our cue, I assume, selecting my target amongst the Young Justice clones. Also, I’m guessing that the JL is taking down Luthor’s gang, … Read more

Essay about Unit 10 Under The Instructors Emphasis Medusa

In Unit 10 under the Instructor’s Emphasis Medusa, American culture generally imagines Medusa being born as snake headed monster whom Perseus destroyed with the assistance from the gods. Another theory says that Medusa was once a mortal woman that Poseidon raped in the temple of Athena. Athena made Medusa suffer because of her jealousy by … Read more

Athena Role Model Essay

When studying modern mythos in terms of comic books, I kept myself in the lense of female superheros being the goddesses of today. I use the comic books as the goddesses’ mythic narrative, but it also moves beyond written and into a visual medium which seems to be a very intriguing thing to the culture … Read more