“Train to Pakistan” Analysis

The novel, “Train to Pakistan” illustrates the idea of partition in 1947 and how people get affected by the term of violence. Khushwant Singh describes that ‘Train to Pakistan’ is the novel which represents that the black history of India through the partition of India and Pakistan. Moreover, Khushwant Singh represents the village, Mano Majra, … Read more

10 places to visit in Lahore

The Badshahi Masjid was ordered officially by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, with the making of the mosque lasting for two years until 1873, located in Lahore – the capital of Pakistani province of Punjab. This mosque is located west of Lahore Fort, along the outskirts of the walled city of Lahore. The mosque is accepted … Read more

The politics of Muhammad bin Tughlaq

One of the most controversial steps taken by Muhammad bin Tughlaq early in his reign was his so-called transfer of capital to Deogiri which was renamed Daultabad, and the alleged orders of the sultan ordering a mass transfer of the people from Delhi to the new capital. The motive of the step taken by the … Read more

Martial Law Under Field Marshal Ayub Khan [1958-62]

Martial Law Under Field Marshal Ayub Khan [1958-62] On October 7, 1958, President Iskander Mirza abrogated the Constitution and declared Martial Law in the country. This was the first of many military regimes to mar Pakistan’s history. With this step, the Constitution of 1956 was abrogated, ministers were dismissed, Central and Provincial Assemblies were dissolved … Read more

Representation of Women during Partition Through Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh and Ice candy man by Bapsi Sidhwa

In ‘Train to Pakistan’ Khushwant Singh represents the situations in Mano Majra (a small village of Punjab, Pakistan). Sikh religion is in majority in this village and Muslim, Hindu and Pseudo-Christian are other religions present in this village. They all live happily with brotherhood. But the partition makes violence and horror among the people. The … Read more

Cross Cultural Consumer Behaviour and Diffusion of Pakistani Culture

CROSS CULTURAL CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND DIFFUSION OF PAKISTANI CULTURE A consumer’s level of exposure towards foreign goods or lifestyles may influence his buying decisions and preferences. Consumers tend to have an attitude when it comes to a particular product being made in a particular country. This attitude might be positive, negative, and neutral. Cross-cultural consumer … Read more