The Importance Of Education In Afghanistan Essay

School is a privilege taken for granted everyday in America. Be grateful to get up every morning and have a safe environment that benefits your future. For many living in Afghanistan, education is not an option given to them. Those lucky enough to get an education take it seriously and use it to strengthen themselves. … Read more

Essay On I Am Malala

Malala Yousafzai declared, “I don’t want to be thought of as the ‘girl who was shot by the Taliban’ but the ‘girl who fought for education’ (309). This statement proves the bravery and fearlessness that Malala has after facing a struggle that no teenager should have to face. In her memoir, I Am Malala, Malala … Read more

Afganistan’s Apartheid

Beginning on September 27, 1996, an extremist militia group known as the Taliban seized control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Upon seizing control, the Taliban has instituted a system of gender apartheid, which has placed women into a state of virtual house arrest. Since that time the women and girls of Afghanistan have been … Read more