Main Issues Of Singapore’s Economy: Inflation, Unemployment, Gross Domestic Product (Gdp)

Singapore is a small country with a population of 5.6073 millions people. Since its separation from Malaysia, it has proved itself to be one of the fastest ever growing nation, becoming a first world country without any natural resources. Her economy is considered one of the most competitive among the all the developed country, boasting … Read more

Main factors of inflation in Singapore

Inflation in Singapore is caused by both domestic and external demand-pull and cost-push factors. Singapore mainly suffers from demand-pull inflation, which may occur when increases in aggregate demand (AD) persistently exceeds that of aggregate supply (AS), which caused excess demand when the economy is near or at full employment. Inflation, in this case, is due … Read more

Singapore’s healthcare system

Singapore’s healthcare system has evolved into an efficient and effective system whereby an array of services is widely available for its citizens. Singapore’s healthcare system has significantly improved in terms of its management and coordination. For example, with the use of technology, NEHR (National Electronic Health Room) a system which was rolled out in 2011, … Read more

Advertising In Publicis Singapore

All advertising companies have the same initial goal… to sell their product. Whether it be a tangible item, or an idea, these companies goal is to master the art persuasion for their ads’ to be effective. Advertisers use logos, ethos, and pathos, the three modes of persuasion, to persuade their audiences. Anybody who understands the … Read more

Overview of Starbucks Distribution Channel in Singapore

In general, company can distribute products to customers through various of distribution channels, for example: stores/outlets, wholesalers, retailers and so on. In Singapore, Starbucks are using the following channels for their product distribution: Intensive Distribution Channel (Starbucks outlets / cafes, other retailers, online platfrom) Exclusive distribution channels for food delivery services (Foodpanda) Intensive Distribution Starbucks’ … Read more