1. Nothing is random in the world created by the author.’
    How does Alfred Hitchcock use cinematic features to explore ideas in his
    film Psycho?
  2. How does Alfred Hitchcock present the idea in his film Psycho that being at odds with society’s values involves risk but complying with those values can also be harmful?
  3. In what ways does Alfred Hitchcock explore the oppressive weight of a dead past in Psycho?
  4. Show how Alfred Hitchcock uses one or more of the following as a device to reinforce ideas in his film Psycho:
    • Irony
    • Foreshadowing
    • Changes in time
    • Changes in place
    • Recurring symbol(s)
    • The way the text ends
  5. What techniques does Alfred Hitchcock use to influence the viewer to take a particular position concerning the issues explored in his film Psycho?
  6. How does Alfred Hitchcock use repetition as a technique to emphasize ideas in his film Psycho?
  7. How does Alfred Hitchcock’s use of one or more of Psycho’sminor characters enable the audience to reflect on the main ideas of the film?