Theoretical Framework For Texting And Driving

Driver distraction, and its implicit effects on hazard recognition and vehicle control, has been a prominent topic on highway safety agendas, as well as for the U. S. Congress, state legislatures, the media, and the public at large (Stutts, Feaganes, Reinfurt, Rodgman, Hamlett, Gish, & Staplin, 2001). Much of this attention stems from the enormous … Read more

How To Prevent Distracted Driving Essay

Since the introduction of the first cell phone in 1983, the use of mobile devices has gone viral. Even with the growing danger of distracted driving, the laws are not the same in each state for all drivers. Teaching our young adults on the dangers involving with distracted driving, will empower them and give them … Read more

Frontier Post Argumentative Essay

The Frontier Post, an English newspaper mostly based in the Middle East, released a particularly powerful advertisement in 2013 to promote safe driving. At first glance, it would appear that the advertisement is a picture of a firearm, front and center, placed in the spotlight of an otherwise gloomy backdrop. In reality, the advertisement depicts … Read more

Cellular Phone Buying Guide

Cellular phones are now owned by one out of three people living in the United States. It is believed that this number will approach, and probably reach, one out of two within the short future. With so many companies producing and marketing the use of cellular phones, rates for their use have dramatically reduced within … Read more

The new Gel Cell by Alcatel

The new Gel Cell by Alcatel is a mobile phone for specified markets. It is very small, the gel is the actual battery, it comes in many colours, and the most important factor is that it is disposable. It has been developed because of the large demand to produce new products in the over saturated … Read more