What are 4NEW Platform and KWATT token

The rise of cryptocurrency money has step by step started changing how things function, blockchain and smart contract has been utilized as a part of illuminating some genuine difficulties extending from Transaction administration, character check, and administration, et cetera. Each Blockchain arrangement is relied upon to render some sort of answer for genuine issues. Proffering … Read more

SKARA Leading the blockchain revolution in gaming!

For companies that are looking to expand, taking the Hydra route may well be a valuable proposition. The business can expand in myriad directions, allowing one project to gain from another by impersonating the many headed snake that features in Greek mythology “It is amazing to see how the development studio has grown from the … Read more

Satoshi Nakamoto and the NSA

It is no secret that the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mind behind Bitcoin’s blockchain and the first promoter of crypto money life in the world, has been a mystery to his followers. However, it is not hard to believe that Bitcoin is actually the product of the creation of the U. S. National Security … Read more