Metro by T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

MetroPCS presents itself is an interesting turn lift T-mobile. It rides on the T-mobile network provides four feature service with support for things like visual voicemails, the personal hotspot, on-demand music streaming and offers incredibly affordable plan starting at just $30 a month. In fact, it can be said that MetroPCS is the new T-mobile … Read more

A Study on the Obsession of Human Beings to Cell Phones

Cause and Effect Essay When they were first invented, cell phones were incredible devices that allowed you to communicate with anyone else who happened to own one. Since their creation, cell phones have advanced to the point where they are essentially mini-computers that can be fit in any pocket or purse. As a result, cell … Read more

Ethical Aspects of Cell Phone

ETHICAL VALUES Mobile phones have both negative and positive impact on the society, but the negative impacts are weighing more than those of positive. Nowadays, more and more people use the cell phone technology to get access to anything in the world, but this can create many security threats in the society. Many people use … Read more

Assessment of the Dangers of Mobile Phones

Debate: Are cell phones dangerous? I believe that cell phones are dangerous. They pose a threat to safety, to family life, to social behavior, and to people’s attention on the road. In society today, cell phones are common among everyone—every gender, every age. Each year, more and more kids get cell phones from their parents, … Read more

Cellular Phone Buying Guide

Cellular phones are now owned by one out of three people living in the United States. It is believed that this number will approach, and probably reach, one out of two within the short future. With so many companies producing and marketing the use of cellular phones, rates for their use have dramatically reduced within … Read more

The new Gel Cell by Alcatel

The new Gel Cell by Alcatel is a mobile phone for specified markets. It is very small, the gel is the actual battery, it comes in many colours, and the most important factor is that it is disposable. It has been developed because of the large demand to produce new products in the over saturated … Read more