The SkillsUSA review

Each year in SkillsUSA they always have a theme. This year’s theme is SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, Job Ready Day One. What does Job Ready Day One mean? Well to me, Job Ready Day One means that you already know the materials and tasks that need to be fulfilled in your work area. It also … Read more

How to find the job you love

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. Yes, we’ve all heard that sentiment countless times, and repeat it to recent graduates like it’s the only career advice they’ll ever need. We print it on motivational posters, bumper stickers, and encouraging note cards. We incorporate it into commencement addresses. But, … Read more

The job creation as the challenge

Job creation is where a person creates his/her opportunities in his/her creative ability and creates job opportunities according to his/her wants in future. The job creation as the challenge can be tackled as follows. The e-commerce companies should announce that its creations of like two million jobs within one year. Where it can be the … Read more

Human Resource Management: Pros & Cons Of Diversity In Workplace

Human Resource Management is a process that helps to manage the human talent to accomplish the objective of an organization. People play a crucial role in an organization. They provide inspiration,vision, motivation that help an organization to alive. People provide the skills and competencies that are necessary to achieve an organization goal. Moreover, they offer … Read more

What Makes A Good Portfolio Or Showreel?

What makes a good portfolio or showreel? Your portfolio or showreel piece is your most accomplished and valuable work you choose to present in any given job or occupation that you choose to pursue. There’s nothing more significant to your career than presenting your finest work in an appealing, professional and easily approachable portfolio. There … Read more

Review On David McClelland’s Theory

In 1973, David McClelland published a paper titled “Testing for competence rather than intelligence”. In this paper, he founded a theory on competency and he demonstrated how it result in higher job performance. McClelland proved that behavioral traits and characteristics of an individual are more influential than aptitude tests in proving which individual would be … Read more

Review on the film “Inside Job”

In the film “Inside Job,” Matt Damon narrated a documentary that tells us the unstable systems led the global economic crises of 2008. Since the global financial meltdown happened in 2008, it resulted in the damage to the environment, and it caused millions of citizens to lose their jobs and homes. The documentary showed the … Read more

Should your hobby be your job?

Traditional knowledge states that the employees need to turn enthusiasm to job so they will not need to labour one day when they are alive. However, what is the result to the workers” leisure pursuits when those pursuits out of sudden occupy their time from nine to five? Are the workers able to maintain the … Read more

Internally Consistent Job Structures

Job Descriptions This section illustrates an overview of the different positions offered by e-sonic. It comes up with a detailed description of each position in a way that suits the needs of the organization. Executive Assistant Summary. The profile of an Executive Assistant includes the ability to perform high-level administrative tasks such as conducting researches, … Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Human Resources Associates, Recruitment Agents, and Hiring Managers are bombarded daily with resumes. Realistically they do not have the time to scour through every single resume reading about your special talent, or your favorite hobby. Because of the limited amount of time these professionals have they are always on the lookout for ways to weed … Read more

What Is It To Be A Patient Care Technician

On my first day as a patient care technician, it became overwhelmingly clear just how extensive this job would be. Everything was a new or unknown concept- the employees, the layout of the hospital, the new equipment I would be working with. I was in the surgical intensive care unit shadowing a nurse, because the … Read more

Reflection Experience

Reflective writing is a useful approach for nurses to learn from experience.In nursing, self reflection is essential to acknowledge own strength and limitation and to initiate necessary changes in future to improve the situation and for professional development (Ushe,Foster& Stewart,2012). I have selected Gibb’s reflective cycle to reflect the incident as it helps to express … Read more

Centralized Vs. Decentralized

The development or growth of a company depends with the strength of managerial staff and employees who help the management to provide career development. Another way of maintaining managerial integrity is a hierarchy, the hierarchy of authority is very important in an organisation. The system in an organisation is divided into two types centralized and … Read more