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Persuasive Jobs Research Paper

Jobs are important for several reasons: they provide workers with personal feelings of self-worth and satisfaction and produce revenue, which in turn encourages spending and stimulates the larger economy. Jobs provide personal and economic benefits. Although the type of jobs Americans pursue varies widely, all workers benefit from having careers. Having a job produces wages, although the amount of revenue varies depending on profession and skill level. Careers produce benefits for larger communities in addition to the individuals holding them.

People specialize and train in different academic practices, and possess traits not shared by all. In turn, they use their special skills and knowledge to benefit the community by sharing information. Students are told that their academics are the most important thing to them. An employed student, though, becomes more efficient in extracurricular activities, community services and other activities because having a job teaches time management, teamwork, developing life skills, financial independence, and maturity. The workplace help builds a better work ethic to teach responsibility, learn to follow directions and to be punctual.

Knowing how to balancing school and work will teach anyone how to prioritize. This paper will discuss the location of Applebee’s and its effects on the community, personal relationships and it’s coworkers. I will discuss the purpose of changing surroundings and how it can affect people and their attitude or tone. As well as how change is normal and necessary in the workplace which enhances the requirement of obtaining important skills. These skills lead to better opportunities that involve the community and maintaining or creating relationships. BACKGROUND INFORMATION

The Applebee’s on 440 in Jersey City, New Jersey is on the edge of the city and convenient for drop ins and students alike. every student in the area has visited this location. It is 10 to 15 minutes away in an Uber about 20 minutes away by bus and as high as 40 minutes away if walking from St. Peter’s University. It is one of the first Applebee’s to raise over $3 million for Toys for Tots every Christmas season and is located in Hudson mall. The restaurant holds up to 200 people in the tables and 21 people at the bar, this number does not include workers.

Ironically, the tables in the restaurant are not numbered in order. According to how the table is directioned in the restaurant the numbers go from 11 to 17, with 21 to 25 right next to it, 31 to 35, 41 to 46, 51 to 56, 61 to 65, 71 to 74, 81 to 84, and 91 to 95. For each table it can either server two, four or six people. The purpose of Applebee’s is to “serve good food to good people” The food and service may not be perfect for every single customer, every single day but Applebee’s happily provides assistance to multiple programs and services that help those in need, young children, or veterans.

OBSERVATIONAL DATA AND ANALYSIS From 23 September 2016 to 19 November 2016 September During this time it’s imperative to memorize all tables it’s locations and numbers with no assisting map. The entire restaurant is one level with the restroom towards the back right of the restaurant with the playlist in the restaurant changing according to season. The playlist now is early fall back to school playlist. Many people are back from their long summers and summer vacations. This rekindles positive and negative relationships between coworkers.

This is the time where the POS is working less than its expectation which affects attitude. The conclusion of summer hours to get the customers excited and prepared for football season. Those who come into work every day prepared with a smile on their face, ready to work, are considered honeybees. Each server is paid two dollars an hour with the addition of their tip. The tips are subject to a 3% tip out which goes to the bartender and hosts to split. Due to the added to a brawl broke out in the restaurant. The brawl included three servers, one bartender, the bartender’s husband, and three customers.

No one knew what the brawl was about but it started off with a comment made towards the bartender’s husband who began an argument afterwards. The bartender came in defense of her husband. Then servers came in defense of the bartender which all lead to being a conflict outside of the restaurant. This created turmoil in the restaurant and whispers begin to rise about consequences and if they really exist in this workplace. The outcome for those involved in the incident was taking a long period of time which left the workers unsatisfied and disappointed in management about coming to a decision.

The workers became distant from each other and this created customer dissatisfaction throughout the restaurant. A meeting is called and during this meeting it is explained the possible reasons a worker may get fired: using your phone in the front of the restaurant, fighting, not showing up to a shift, not calling out first before not showing up, and leaving earlier than you’re supposed to. It was later discovered that the bartender was fired and the process for new workers began. After this decision customer satisfaction improved slightly in the restaurant and it became more busy due to the upcoming football season.

However, the workers whispered even more to each other during this time. Cliques of the older workers, new workers, and kitchen workers began to form and these different cliques interact differently with each other. The older workers are more comfortable with each other and act more like best friends. The newer workers sing more, are more on the shy side and attempts to “fit in”. The kitchen workers all spoke a different language and interact with each other with that common language. October Communication starts to decrease and issues with availabilities and its correctness arise.

Many of the workers spoke to the manager one by one, eventually overcrowding the office. Regardless of status, the worker yells and disrespects the manager in the argument or disagreement. During this conflict, an additional new worker begins at the restaurant while another quits. It’s later learned that the workers may quit due to not getting hours according to availability, getting too many hours with no break, not enough hours, or the unfair treatment due to favoritism. The start of the football season forces the customers to stay for longer periods of time, however less customers come in because the weather is getting colder. ound this time it’s concluded that server tips usually range from $5 to $15, on average, for each table.

The playlist change to softer R&B music and customers became more and maybe unless nice and conscious to the giving season that’s ahead. Football forces the customers to stay for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, customers are likely to be tipped less on Sunday football games. Prices of drinks and certain appetizers are lower on Sundays and much lower or half off on week nights. Many customers complain about how frequent the menu changes because many come to the restaurant to order the same thing they are used to.

Most of the workers flirt with the new girl. This reveals some personal relationships the workers may have with each other. Since the new girl is very forgetful, cries a lot, and complains about the workload it upsets many of the older workers in which makes the separation of cliques stronger. Shifts can go as long as nine hours long, with having a new baby. However, the more tired of worker is the less progressive they are. This location of Applebees participates in Toys for Tots every Christmas season.

During this time the people who volunteer for the day, the breakfast and distribution of toys, get a first come pick for their holiday hours. Unfortunately, by the end of the month, it is announced that this restaurant was evaluated to have the most dissatisfied customers. So far the football season this slow which means less customers. The restaurant is in the need of more bartenders. Since the restaurant is in need of more bartenders, who are mainly women, the current bartenders are stressed with extreme hours which mostly affects those with children. This leads to a higher rate of a server quitting.

November Shifts are running smoother. I overheard the older workers discussing how customers are going to slow down from now until January because of the family seasons and how usually customers increase again after income tax season. Additional new member joins the honeybees which makes the total of 4 new workers within the past month. Open until now the decorations went from “Back to School”, to “Working on the Fall”, to it’s “Football Season”, to “Happy Thanksgiving”. One of the older servers who been at the restaurant for years I’ve been promoted to manager at a different location.

The last workers meeting occurs and it visits all of the minors issues up to date:constant talking amongst the workers, negative attitudes and the use of foul language around customers. An argument occurs at the same time as another argument with a customer, and one worker contemplates quitting on the spot. Later the workers were discussing the unethical work that exists at Applebee’s and started a small stand against unlawful work that’s against “labor laws”. As the discussions to quit increase, one worker leaves a note announcing her own relief as a server at Applebee’s..

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