“Mockingbird” by Eminem

Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name, Eminem, is one of the best artists and lyricists in the history of rap music. “Mockingbird is the best and most meaningful song that Eminem has recorded. Even though, I was a young child when I first heard this song, I did not understand the true meaning … Read more

Boy Willie and His Relationship with the Piano in The Piano Lesson, a Play by August Wilson

Songs of Pride, Chords of Power “The Piano Lesson”, written by August Wilson, utilizes the relationship between past, present and future to convey a deeper message of power through ancestry. The key symbol in this story is an old classical piano engraved with carvings of the Charles family. Boy Willie a current day member of … Read more

Main Characteristics Of Baroque Music

Baroque music From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‚ Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia ‚Jump to: navigation, searchHistory of European art music Early Medieval (500 ‚ 1400) Renaissance (1400 ‚ 1600) Common practice Baroque (1600 ‚ 1760) Classical (1730 ‚ 1820) Romantic (1815 ‚ 1910) Modern and contemporary 20th century classical (1900 ‚ 2000) … Read more

Evelyn Nesbit: From Being Object to Becoming a Subject

From “the Other” towards “the Subject” —A Study of Evelyn Nesbit in Ragtime Abstract The purpose of this paper is two-fold. I will analyze Evelyn Nesbit’s personalities presented in Ragtime as a recreated character that is not lifted straight from the pages of the history books. With the concept “the Other” coined by French feminist … Read more

Renaissance Games

People around the world love to have fun. Over the years games have been invented to entertain people. Many of the inventions and ideas made for entertainment have been put into the category of games. Games have been even been took part in long ago in the past. In the Renaissance many unique sports and … Read more

The Themes of Suffering and Survivor's Guilt in Maus

Art Spiegelman’s ‘The Complete Maus’ explores the devastating impact of the Holocaust on survivors and their families. Through the lens of his father Vladek Spiegelman’s past experiences and their present day relationship, Spiegelman highlights the obsessive behaviour and depression that splinter the lives of Holocaust survivors. By including a remarkably candid self-portrayal, Spiegelman additionally suggests … Read more

Flawed Relationships And Toxic Love In Faulkner’s ‘As I Lay Dying’

In typical modernist fashion, William Faulkner experiments in his work with a number of nontraditional stylistic and thematic characteristics, including brokenness, fragmentation, despair, pessimism, perception distortion, and the rejection of societal norms. In his novel As I Lay Dying, he focuses on a sense of alienation and separation, particularly within the Bundren family. Members of … Read more

The Nature of Justice, Revenge, and Resolution in The Oresteia, a Trilogy of Greek Tragedies by Aeschylus

“Sing sorrow, sorrow: but good win out in the end” (Oresteia, Agamemnon 121). Such is the chorus’ refrain in the opening lines of Aeschylus’ trilogy, the Oresteia. Written in the 5th century B.C.E., Aeschylus’ classic tragedy not only profoundly impacted the Athenians of his time, but even today continues to provoke weighty questions regarding the … Read more

The Bridge Between Chhinese And American Culture In The Joy Luck Club

Cultural divides are difficult to overcome in storytelling, because readers must both re-orient their largest cultural assumptions and understand the ideas of specific, unique characters. However, in The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan effectively makes much of Chinese culture comprehensible to American readers. In describing a culture that is exceedingly different from the American way … Read more

Deciphering Goffman’s Dramaturgical Analysis as Portrayed in Generation Like

After reading about Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis and watching Generation Like, I found the concept of Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis to be really interesting and even somewhat confusing. As an actor myself, I’ve always believed that theater possibly reflects real life, but I was completely taken aback by Goffman’s concept that real life is actually theater. It … Read more

Social Behavior in Saramago’s Blindness

Jose Saramago’s Blindness depicts a world suddenly stricken by a blindness epidemic. As an inexplicable wave of blindness spreads, society fragments and people freely express an “animalistic” form of human nature in face of the increased pressure for survival. The characters’ responses to their blindness paint a fairly pessimistic picture of human nature and in … Read more

Frank Sinatra’s Early Life

Frank Sinatra Lately, Frank Sinatra has been termed as the entertainer of the 20th century due to his impact in the entertainment industry worldwide. Often Sinatra has been termed as a peerless singer, tireless lover, business mogul, a few moments’ accomplishments as an actor and an associate of infamous as well as powerful people. Sinatra … Read more

The Constant Gardener And Blood Diamond As Examples Of The Evolution Of Film In Africa

The Constant Gardener and Blood Diamond are examples of the evolution of film in Africa. The films both reference the African environment, landscape and quest for African resources. Cinematography is used in a way that captures the beauty and horrors of Africa. Yet, both films pay homage to the uneasy coexistence of Africans at the … Read more