Who Is Emmahdorable?

Many online hosts use the Twitch, the live streaming video platform to broadcast a number of activities including video games, eSports competitions, creative contents, in real lifestreams, as well as music. Emmahdorable has, however, found a niche on the site by posting video games and has risen to a star status. The American Twitch star … Read more

Interview of an 18 year old EliteKits gamer

IGN:SethayRank:UltimateAge:18Timezone:Eastern Standard Time/EST Do you have a microphone?:Yes. When did you join?:I’ve been playing EliteKits for a while now I’ve always changed my IGN because I was always bored of having the same name, You can even see in my NameMC so that’s why noone really ever remembers me but I heard about this server … Read more

Football Strike hack

Football Strike hack is a new free to play MMO Strategy game and the important reason stated for the popularity of this game right before its introduction is that it is from the makers of the Game of War: Fire Age game. As a player of this game, your aim will be towards establishment of … Read more

Effect of Video Games on Children

The advancement in technology has brought changes in entertainment sources. Changes in technologies bring the potential for changes in users’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Kipnis, 1997). The games played by modern children are very different from the games played few decades ago. The games, which involve physical activities, are almost diminished and have been replaced … Read more

The Grande Coupure era: how it changed everything

An example of the Grande Coupure was the extinction of all European primates at the Coupure: the recent discovery (Kohler and Moya-Sola 1999) of a mouse-sized early Oligocene omomyid, reflecting the better survival chances of small mammals, also helped with the Grand Coupure example. Whether this abrupt change was caused by the climate change that … Read more

Catch this Bowling Technique: The Hook Ball

When your first begin bowling, the bowling technique you probably use is called “straight bowling.” In this style of bowling, you simply point the ball towards the pins and shoot. While bowling this way is perfectly acceptable, and in fact, you can bowl a pretty good fame that way, if you want to get serious … Read more

Types of games

Action An action game is a game where there are lots of thing going on and you’re doing activities that are seen as unrealistic in real life. Some involve lots of killing which causes concern with parents. This is still an action game though because there is something exciting and out of the ordinary happening. … Read more

Understanding the purpose of game engines

A computer games engine is the building blocks of a video game. It provides a software framework which game developers can use to create and edit content for video games. They can feature a large range of tools and elements to aid developers in creating a game, such as renderers, animation, and scripting to name … Read more

How the Positions in Vainglory Work

Vainglory, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) perfected by touch. In vainglory, there are three main positions for your to choose from. The Captain, the Carry, and the Jungler. Let’s learn more about these three positions. Below are pictures of the Halcyon Fold, Vainglory’s 3v3 map. The sides are the teams’ bases. The top is … Read more

Minecraft Steve’s story

Minecraft: Being Steve Hi. I am Steve. I do not remember anything, but in this notebook I will write my story. For vast miles, it is seen through the top of the tallest tree that, in every direction, ocean borders the land. This little island feels like a prison. A prison where the only prisoners … Read more

Rook polynomials: Rook Problem 1 and 2

Rook polynomials Rook polynomials is the number of ways to place k non-attacking rooks on an original chess board where no two rooks can be in the same row or column. The general formula to calculate the number of arrangements of non-attacking rooks is. The formula for calculating non attacking rooks is The polynomials below … Read more

Gaming Addiction

Game or otherwise digital game is one of the mostgreatest technology industry right now. Developer can get so many advantages, for example Destiny. Destiny has already smashed analysts’ expectations for first-week sales with a $500 million launch. From this, we can conclude that game industry is on of the greatest industry. But now, gaming could … Read more

Importance of Sports and Games

Games and amusements are critical for us. They keep us sound and fit. They offer us a change from the dullness of day by day life. It is a helpful methods for amusement and physical action. Games and recreations help in character building. They give us vitality and quality. Games and amusements are methods for … Read more

Pros and cons of playing online games

Firstly, an advantage of playing online games is that it enhances critical thinking skills. Critical thinking refers to the objective analysis of an issue in order to form a judgment. Online gaming reflects this skill by providing multiple choices and options to gamers. This enables them to enhance their critical thinking skills by analyzing the … Read more

An Analysis of Arnold Friend’s Chivalry

The Chivalry of Arnold Friend Meg Ryan, speaking in regard to one of her films, stated “I heard that chivalry was dead, but I think its just got a bad flu” (2017). Ryan is saying that the ideas of chivalry are still applicable and occur, however they are afflicted. Society’s idea of chivalrous behavior and … Read more

FIFA 19: Top 5 Overrated Players

Since FIFA 19 is about to release, it’s high time we should start figuring out which players EA could have considered to be on top-of-the-line. Not to forget, EA has been disappointing us for a long time with its ratings, which are primarily based on reputation instead of skills, and if you’re a fan of … Read more

Interactions Define the Game

The genre of visual novel is one that’s often looked at in a controversial manner. Many of them are seen as tacky, unoriginal romance games that have minimalistic character development made solely to cash in on introverted, and in some cases, perverted lifestyles. So when a game called “Doki Doki Literature Club” won the following … Read more

8 Nvidia GeForce Experience Tips for PC Gaming Excellence

In case you’re a PC gamer, you’re irrefutably acquainted with Nvidia, an organization known for assembling ground-breaking graphical preparing units fit for playing the most recent polygon-based recreations. Actually, as per information gathered by Jon Peddie Research, Nvidia summoned 17.5 percent of the GPU showcase in 2017, simply poking out its committed GPU match, AMD, … Read more

Delivering Hook Techniques in Bowling

Bowling is a sport and leisure activity that involves creativity and discipline. To be able to perform well, one should be familiar with the different movements and techniques in bowling. Bowling has been a sport for many centuries. As the years passed changes evolved and modern bowlers are now able to execute different techniques and … Read more

Video game development

Video games in their 60-year history have changed a lot. The first gaming machine was created in 1940, but the development of video games began in the early seventies with the first home console Odyssey and video game Pong in 1972, which has become one of the famous, first truly successful commercial game of today. … Read more

Stop Blaming Video Games

Stop Blaming Video Games! According to the American Psychological Association (APA) more than 90% of children in the United States play video games. Among kids between the ages of 12 and 17, the number rises to 97%. More important, 85% or more of video games on the market contain some form of violence. In fact, … Read more

Game Review: Roland TD 30

Roland TD 30 KV Review VALUE FOR MONEY 9.5/10 FEATURES 10/10 PLAYABILITY 9.5/10 SOUND QUALITY 10/10 Pros: Multidimensional sound that feels real Hundreds of options for customization The SuperNATURAL sound engine Consistent and dynamic trigger pad feedback Very little noise Cons: Quite expensive Difficult for new players to get started No warranty Roland as a … Read more

Seven Bowling Tips

Bowling is a very interesting sport. It does not require that you be a professional to be able to play this game. However, there are etiquettes that should be considered when playing bowling so that bowlers will learn how to properly play the game and enjoy it at the same time. Here are a few … Read more

WWE 2K19

Enter cap WWE 2K19 cover will feature current WWE Champion AJ Styles WWE has been creating their games since the release of MicroLeague Wrestling which released in 1987. Since then WWE has been releasing their games which were based on WrestleMania, then Programming and then starting main game series which includes games like SmackDown: Here … Read more

A Delusional Perspective And Honorable Chivalry by the Main Character In Don Quixote By Miguel De Cervantes

In Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, the major motifs portrayed throughout the novel are honorable chivalry and the delusional perception of which Don Quixote views the world as enchanted. On several accounts throughout the story it becomes apparent that despite being delusional, Don Quixote reveals many positive qualities such as honor and chivalry. He displays … Read more

Gaming Addiction

Game or otherwise digital game is one of the mostgreatest technology industry right now. Developer can get so many advantages, for example Destiny. Destiny has already smashed analysts’ expectations for first-week sales with a $500 million launch. From this, we can conclude that game industry is on of the greatest industry. But now, gaming could … Read more

Aggression in Fortnite game

Fortnite has undoubtedly risen to become one of the most popular ongoing games. It has become a cult in itself and has been able to attract crowds from multiple age brackets into this super engrossing video game. The game was first released during the month of September in 2017 on various platforms which included Microsoft … Read more

Renaissance Games

People around the world love to have fun. Over the years games have been invented to entertain people. Many of the inventions and ideas made for entertainment have been put into the category of games. Games have been even been took part in long ago in the past. In the Renaissance many unique sports and … Read more