National bank for agriculture and rural development

NABARD is set up as an apex Development Bank with a mandate for facilitating credit flow for promotion and development of agriculture, small-scale industries, cottage and village industries, handicrafts and other rural crafts. It also has the mandate to support all other allied economic activities in rural areas, promote integrated and sustainable rural development and … Read more

Federal Reserve Act

The banker was frantic. A large mob was gathering outside his bank and the people were clamoring for their money. The banker called the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis and warned that unless this “mad run” were stopped, he would soon be out of currency. With the bank nearly two-hundred miles from Minneapolis, a small … Read more

Did the Bank War cause the Panic of 1837

Richard Hofstadter from The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It believes President Andrew Jacksons refusal to recharter the Bank of the United States was politically popular but economically harmful to the long-term growth of the United States. Peter Tenim, from The Jacksonian Economy, believes international factors, such as changes in the monetary … Read more

International Monetary Fund

Institutions like IMF and World Bank are central to enforcing modern imperialism. Founded in 1946 at Bretton Woods in the USA, the IMF and World Bank initially focused on rebuilding Western Europe and Japan after World War 2. They were a key component of the USA’s attempts to create a dollar- centered international monetary system. … Read more

Ethical Analysis of First Central Bank

The relevant facts are centered on communications concerning union activity by the bank’s employees, the bank’s management, and the union. On one occasion, membership cards had been distributed to various locations within the bank. On two separate occasions, bank employees had been directly involved in initiating union activity. The bank’s management communicated with its employees … Read more

What is a Smartcard

A Smartcard is a standard credit card sized plastic card with an integrated circuit embedded in it. This integrated circuit includes a microprocessor and a bit of memory, which together hold information in electronic form and controls who uses the information and how they use it. The Smartcards ability to store and control many different … Read more

Bank Marketing

Within our society, financial institutions are becoming more abundant. Along with this present growth, the field of marketing financial services has also grown in size and scope with new entrants everyday. The relatively stable banking environment is being altered with innovation, opportunism, and government intervention. This era, marked by the governments luminous hand of deregulation … Read more