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Youthgaze’s Tragedy: A Short Story Essay

Youthgazes Tragedy
It was early in the morning, the house was completely silent, and Judson was the only one awake. Judson swept quietly through the house, he peeked through an open door to his parents room and it was empty. His parents must have went some where without telling him, again. They left Judson home alone often, well, actually he wasnt fully alone… Judson opens a door across the hall and peeks in. There, in a dark room laid a little girl covered up to the chin in blankets. That was Judsons little sister Holly, he smiled slightly at how cute and peaceful she looked asleep, He slowly shut the door behind him, letting her sleep for as long as she wanted. Judson walked quietly into the kitchen, getting ready to make some breakfast…

They both went to school, Holly staying after until Judson picked her up and took her home. All was going fine, until one day. One day Holly had accidentally mentioned her parents never being home at all anymore, worried, her teacher tried calling and emailing her parents but no one answered. She kept trying until she was forced to take action and make sure that Judsons house was investigated. Later that day Judson was at home with Holly when there was a knock at the door. Of course Judson answered it and to his surprise, there stood a police officer who started explaining immediately.
`Hello, we got a call from Haverly Elementary School about a miss Holly Youthgaze. Ive been told that the parents of said child have not been answering any calls or emails, are they home at the moment?` He asked
`No… Theyre at work.` Judson replied…

The woman explained everything to him. It turns out that Holly became deathly ill and there was nothing they could do, so she just passed away. No one ever even told Judson. They were with her when she died, he wasnt. They were at her funeral, he wasnt. Judson went on for whole two months without a clue his baby sister was dead.
`Im so sorry, sir.` The woman finished. Judson didnt reply, he was too heartbroken and shocked. Without saying anything he rushed away, back home. As soon as he arrived he sat down, a million thoughts going through his head. What kind of big brother was he? He didnt even know about his sister dying. Now he has no family at all, no one who cares about him, he doesnt even have any friends. No one cares… The one person who he loved and who loved him back died two months ago, and he didnt even know. He didnt have any future plans either, whats the point now? He had no one to live for or with. Judson thought about all these things and more, wallowing in despair.
A week later someone comes to investigate Judsons house, he hasnt shown up for work all week and he wasnt answering any calls or emails. So his boss called someone to check it out. There they found him, in his living room. Hanging from the ceiling, Judson had killed himself in his…

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