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The immigrants in United States

The United States is having its largest surge of immigrants since the states became united . Who knows what will stop these immigrants from endlessly flowing into the country? The changes in our immigration policies of the past have allowed immigration to greatly change. There are a lot more immigrants now and a lot less diversity in the group. As of now, there is nothing to stop this from continuing. There are 25 million immigrants in the country and they represent ten percent of the total population . The number has more than doubled in the past half century.

Although some people are angered at the illegal immigrants, they only account for about twenty percent of immigrants . The focus is too much on illegal immigration these days. In fact, it is the legal ones who make the most difference. This country is in need of a new policy that doesn’t allow just anyone to come here. We need to start an era of restrictions on the immigrants who come here. We can only begin to help the situation now, because it would take decades to solve a situation like this. There is a quickly growing problem of overpopulation in this country.

As the population grows at an insane rate, our free space is going to get much smaller. Not only is the population rising extremely fast, but also we are letting thousands of people into the country. The more people there are, the less room there is for everyone. We can’t continue to place everyone together as close as possible. It will only result in a large population moving away to avoid being overcrowded. The more people that live in an area, the more traffic there is. Traffic is a big issue as far as stress and where you want to live.

A limit is needed on people entering cities so they can’t get densely populated. Major cities are already preparing for the inevitable increase in the population of the near future. Large cities can expect another million residents in the next twenty years. Hopefully, there will be enough jobs and places to live for all of these people. If not, we could see a rise in the homeless population. The policy needs to be changed in order to allow fewer immigrants into certain areas. It would be much more efficient to spread the immigrants around so groups of people won’t loose their jobs.

We strive to make this country one that will be very multicultural. This could be one of our largest problems. We want people from other countries to come to our country to maintain its diversity. In the past, there were immigrants from all over the world that would keep America diverse. The majority of immigrants today are from Hispanic countries . If most of the immigrants are from the same background, then our country will not remain diverse over time. The original purpose of immigration is not being served. A lot of the time, new immigrants do not even know the English language.

These people have the need to be with other people that share the same set back. This supports the forming of groups of immigrants who speak their own language. If they have a large enough group, they won’t need to have interaction with other races. In the U. S. , you do not have to know English by law, so there is nothing to encourage immigrants to communicate with the rest of the population. When people group together like this, it causes them to have pride in only their group. In a society that is multicultural, everyone should have pride in the diversity of it.

The immigration process needs to be controlled in how diverse it is. A limit needs to be set on how large each immigrating ethnic group can be. That would even out the flow of different races. Immigrants should have to know some English before legally entering the country. It is a large concern of citizens that there is a gap that is growing between the rich and the poor. Some people can benefit from this occurrence, but the majority is at a loss. Those who are less skilled at their jobs will be less likely to be employed as the amount of immigrants rise.

As more and more immigrants take over their jobs, their salaries steadily decrease. It may seem harsh, but the addition of every hired immigrant causes the lower class’s chances to decline. As they get poorer, the gap between the rich gets larger. The level of education that immigrants receive has been dropping for quite some time. The space between their education and that of natives gets larger every year. So, it is not only the native class that is at a loss, but the immigrants are at a loss because they are very unlikely to succeed.

Also, it has been shown that native workers generally move away from the areas that immigrants move to . In effect, the immigrants sometimes “take over” the area and its jobs. This leaves natives out of luck. It is a sort of “ethnic cleansing” that replaces native born citizens. With restrictions on immigration, more natives will be able to succeed in life. Our country can’t rely on immigrant workers alone to keep this country running. The focus needs to be on those who are already here. This country needs some time to rest from all of the mass immigration it has seen over the recent years.

Some time needs to pass to allow things to settle more naturally. We can’t maintain a country while having a constant flow of thousands of new people to the country. All over the country, there are fights between different races that can’t seem to live together. If some time isn’t given for things to settle, there could be a lot of distress between races. A change needs to be made in the policy where certain ethnic backgrounds are considered a preferred minority. They shouldn’t have any privileges that other types of immigrants don’t have.

It definitely isn’t equal for all races if certain ones gain free advantages. All immigrants should be created equal. Maybe if we give too many privileges, these people will start acting like they are privileged. The new policy will not favor any group over the others. The policy will call for a period of time with very little immigration. After a few years, a certain restricted number of new immigrants will be let in. A break in immigration needs to become a part of the procedure if we are to avoid overpopulation in America.

The future of the United States of America is at a huge risk. Mass Immigration could very well lead to the downfall of a once strong country. It is possible that overpopulation will cause the collapse of the economy. The country would break apart only to become weaker subdivisions. There are other countries out there that already refer to us as a fading power. The government needs to concentrate on the people it has now. This country is in no need for more immigrants right now. There is plenty enough already here. We should appreciate the culture we have here.

What is to happen to this country if we loose the culture that we have? Only the individual cultures of the immigrating peoples would remain. America has a strong sense of identity and hopefully it will stay that way. The citizens of this country are what makes it strong and will carry it into the future. Immigration is one huge problem and there needs to be something done about it now. It would be nice to let everyone into the country who wanted to be here, but it just can’t work out that way. Something needs to change before we have too many people to know what to do with.

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