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Do Immigrants Really Hurt The Economy Essay

This semester, we have read a myriad of pieces of writing that mingled the argument of immigrants. In the selective, “Do Immigrants Actually Hurt the U. S. Economy? ” the author, Adam Davidson, explains how immigrants help the economy of the united States to grow and how it is a disadvantage for the wealth and resources of a country. The author describes the certain point that can make the economy strong with immigrants by saying they lowered the general cost of construction, make greater in size the number of a paid position the company could book, which means by increasing more customers and more money.

On the other hand, the writer said immigrants use some of the free services the government promotes and provoke a lot of crimes. Immigrants can cause a deficit for the U. S economy especially in the labor area, but they also benefit the country a lot. Based on the article, “Ten Ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy” by Jason Furman and Danielle Gray, according to the small business administration immigrants represent thirty percent of people that start the open business in the United States are more likely immigrants than non-immigrants. For instance, most grocery stores are privately owned by spank or Indu people.

Those people when they opened their business and hired at least three workers including their families. They pay taxes for all those employees and also pay taxes for the business itself. In some way, immigrants adding to the money supply more than seven thousand seventy-six billion dollars yearly corresponding to the Fiscal Policy Institute. Thus, they contribute a lot in purchasing, especially Latino and Asians with their contribution of buying goods that are estimated to the seven thousand seventy-five billion dollars respectively, by two thousand fifteen.

In addition, immigrants evolve a lot in the economy of the U. S conforming to the nonpartisan congressional budget office, “under the 2010 house-passed version of the DREAM Act, the federal deficit would be reduced by $2. 2 billion over ten years because of increasing tax revenues. ” This means immigrants do not represent a deficit for the government as many people believe. A lot of people think immigrants represent a danger for the careful management of available resources, instead, they have affected the economy by enlarging it.

Furthermore, immigrants help the country in many ways, such as help to construct railroads, build our cities. They are the pioneers that ntroduce the new industries and fuel our information from Google to the iPhone. Corresponding to President Obama said; “The lesson of these 236 years is clear – immigration makes America stronger. Immigration makes us more prosperous. And immigration positions America to lead in the 21st century. And these young men and women are testaments to that. No other nation in the world welcomes so many new arrivals.

No other nation constantly renews itself, refreshes itself with the hopes, and the drive, and the optimism, and the dynamism of each new generation of immigrants. You are all one of the reasons hat America is exceptional. You’re one of the reasons why, even after two centuries, America is always young, always looking to the future, always confident that our greatest days are still to come. ” This statement is really true if the participation of the immigrants augments the American gross domestic product and also increase tax revenues that play a big role in our economic system.

Immigrants make our system stronger than before. We should consider and appreciate their hard work, instead of criticizing them. However, the economists argue that immigrants are still a burden for the economy believe it or not. The economists show a different way that proves the immigrants affect the ecosystem. First of all, they say immigrants do not compete with salaries and wages because they take whatever is given to them, especially the ones that does not have legal status to work in the country.

This is a big problem for Native Americans, particularly for the natives that do not have a high school diploma, who will struggle a lot to compete with immigrants. Conforming to the author of the article, “A Burden to America? Immigration and the Economy,” by Adam M. Zaretsky, explains: “Immigrants increase the supply of labor in the economy. In the most basic labor market scenario, where all workers are producing only one good, this increase-when nothing else changes-will result in a lower market wage for all workers if all workers are the same.

But all workers are not the same. Some natives will compete with immigrants for positions because they possess similar skills; others will work alongside immigrants, complementing the immigrants’ skills with their own. ” That means different workers with different knowledge will not accept to get paid the same amount as the workers that do not have knowledge. Education and skill are costly. Like the economist states, in order to get more of something you have to forgo something else.

If workers choose to forgo income for four years college to educate himself so they can have a better future, this is unattainable for these workers get the same amount of pay as someone that does not go to college. Moreover, this is one of the trouble Natives Americans, and college students are facing in the United States now. For example, instead of going to work full time I choose to go to college, now I forgo an increasing amount of income to educate myself. Do you think it is fair that after I spend four ears of college to study hard, I cannot get a job in my Business Administration major or another field?

The reason why is because of the immigrants competition. I know so many people that have a four years degree doing the home health aide job. We do have bills to pay. We cannot stay doing anything. Some of them have a mortgage, kids and so on. They are doing it to survive because they won’t be homeless on the street. When immigrants come to America, they come with the vision of paradise provided by the American Dream. The American Dream consists of jobs, free education and endless opportunities. With this vision in mind, many people come to his country to see the paradise and experience it.

They make sacrifices without knowing how real life works in America. Getting a job is difficult and being able to provide for your family and yourself is a long hard journey. Once immigrants come into the country, the American soon becomes a myth. Life becomes difficult, despite how they benefit the country economically. They gave up their life in their native country to benefit the American Economy. The growth of the economy is due to the sacrifices and hard work of immigrants. We do not know how the government is going to resolve that problem, but they need o try to find a solution to that situation.

In order to resolve the issue, there is no way for a system to identify all immigrants within the U. S. It is not good enough to identify immigrants upon entry and exit. However, all foreign visitors must be quickly documented. This way there wouldn’t be any negative effects. Immigration comes with many benefits such as creating more jobs, more revenue, offering more opportunities, and adding a mix to the cultural diversity. With these such benefits, illegal immigrants should be given a chance to live out of the shadow and create their own future.

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