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Martin Luther King Jr: Self Analysis Essay

The words in which Martin Luther king jr used to describe education are accurate in my eyes. Education itself is meant to provide a person with information as well as a variety of different ideas and perspectives of the world, which could be seen as the intelligence aspect described in the quote. From these ideas and views, a person is allowed to develop their own opinions which in turn shapes the person and their beliefs creating the character aspect of Kings definition. In order for a person to achieve this, they must think critically–by definition, this means an objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.

The idea again comes full circle to the thought that one forms the character from the basis of intelligence. This is true in many instances of my life. I have found that so far my academic career has given me opportunities to discover myself as well as install myself in the community. Entering the university of Louisville would allow me to further discover myself and contribute to not only the surrounding community but the campus. In the past, I have taken part In Many classes which have led to self-discoveries. My junior year was probably the most influential on my current understanding of the world around me and my placement within in.

I took two classes which heavily influenced my thoughts. The first was Ap psychology. I took the class based on my family background. My stepfather is schizophrenic and my younger brother has a panic disorder. I struggled to understand their illnesses and decided to take a class which would give me insight, even I just a little. The class enlightened me and exposed me to the knowledge that follows me in life to this day. Not only that but the class exposed me to a profession in which I would like to explore further in university. The other class which impacted me strongly was my junior year advanced English class.

The assigned topics focused on race. I, myself, am a child of an interracial couple so I have struggled profusely with identifying myself in a society which places everything in one of two categories: black and white. I am neither of those and didn’t wish to identify as one and deny the other. That would seem as if I were ashamed of my heritage. Through the discussions in class, I grew an interest in racial topics today and found an opportunity to self-identify. Based on the many thoughts thrown out in class I have found myself to be a mild gray between that black and white.

If one simple class could impact my view on myself I feel like there are an abundance of classes which could prolong my self-discovery. Furthermore, I am currently enrolled in a class designated to the study of the holocaust as well as the basis of genocide. I’ve found that this class has shaped many of my ideas on the political world as well as many of the issues occurring within the government. The saying that history repeats itself stands tire and I’ve found that within the class. Honestly, this class led to my understanding of the quote presented.

There was a discussion between the difference of propaganda and education– propaganda serves to persuade and change opinions either for or against a certain opinion while education serves to provide multiple points of views to the public. This is a profound example of the effect education has had on my ideas. I wish to further this through the classes provided at the oversight of Louisville. I find myself being well installed in the community at large. As a resident of Louisville, I have grown and the city and created a strong love of the community. I work with my sisters dance team which is run by my old dance coach.

Dance has always been a big part of my life and I have found that learning an art such as dance gives way to self-expression. For me, it’s a way to not only connect with young girls but also give back to a coach who provided me with a creative outlet. I strongly advocate for the youth to have some sort of outlet whether it be artistic, academic, or athletic. I also work with the YMCA. For over a year I have invested my time as not only an employee but a volunteer. In my psychology class, my favorite sections focused on the development of youth and so I have found myself attracted to working with children more than anything.

I have grown an appreciation for their innocence and found that each child I’ve worked with has an amazing amount of potential to live happily. Using the ideology learned in Psychology I have dedicated myself to providing children with a sweats ding attitude as well as a friend. I understand that the university of Louisville could provide me with more classes based on the understanding over social behavior and further my involvement in community service based on the youth. Concerning the campus community, I wish to give a lasting impression. As a high school student, I participate in student athletic training.

From this, I have dipped my toe in the pool of medical experience as well as developed a joy for helping people as cliche as that sounds. Unfortunately, I don’t believe | will be participating in this learning experience during university so I wish to invest my time by exploring the many clubs offered and finding those which feed my need to be a help to others. I desire to be an active student in the campus community rather than a nameless face. I hope the Classes I take as well as the clubs I look into provide me with more outlooks on society and allow me to participate in different projects for the betterment of society.

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