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Persuasive Essay On Free College Education

We are in a time where many people look up to receiving many free aid as possible; everything that is available to them. They just want to have a better life and be more successful in life. It is a real struggle to get out there into the world if you are not prepared. One issue that we could look up too is that all citizens should receive free college education for these students. Well not just citizens, but anyone that wish to get a better education and complete their education fully without a struggle. The government should really look up to these issue, it is currently a big one.

If the government offers free college education to those who wish to continue their education after high school it will be a dream for many, since college tuition is increasing rapidly. There will be many positive outcomes if the government offers free college education, but there will also be negative outcomes. As we know in order to have a successful life in other word have a good family, house, car, and enough money for our personal needs we need to have a good future and job. In order for this to occur we need to receive a good college education, meaning complete all education required.

These days college is really expensive, and it is increasing as time goes through that the prices are unbelievable. According to Forbes, “With tuitions at many Universities now exceeding $40,000 per year, even a plethora of financial aid opportunities and scholarships leave the average student approaching or upwards of six figures in debt as a result of their four-year degree. ” Not even those scholarships they give are enough these days to cover college tuition. No one wants to owe money after they have graduated from college; they want to be free and enjoy their life debt free.

This is why the government should provide free college education. According to The Washington Post, “We live in a highly competitive, global economy, and if our economy is to be strong, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. We would not achieve that if, every year, hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college while millions more leave school deeply in debt. ” In order to have a successful economy we need talented educated people out there working on all the businesses.

If prices of tuition are so high, there will be fewer students in college and the economy will remain where it is. The economy is not as great as it supposed to be, the prices for everything else is increasing as well. There are not many educated people who know how to control and improve it, so we will never escape this crisis. This will not just help have a stronger economy, but a more advanced stronger democracy (The Washington Post). Also, by the government offering free college tuition, these college students will focus more in school and go through it smoothly.

Their families will also have a smoother life and ensure that their children are well educated with no problems at all. In other means their parents will not have to worry about having enough money so their children could go to school, and they would not have to struggle at work and work more than one full time job. The student will, also have no worries about working while going to school in the same time. He or she will remain focused just in school and have enough time to do their school work and not need to worry about going to work. These is because they will have free tuition and would not need much money for school.

Yes, they are still going to need money for books, supplies, and transportation but they could do it with their parents help. Eventually, it will just make their life easier and not worry about having the amount of money needed to go to college, since it should be something that everyone should receive without any struggles. There will also be more successful people out there in the community. The fact that they will be fully educated, they will be hired mostly in any job. As of now many businesses look for young people with degrees to work for them.

If they have good jobs, their future will be wonderful and they will have fewer to zero struggles at all. It will have the job of their dream and make really good money. The fact that they will make good money, they will be able to have all their personal needs for example buy good clothing, their medical expenses, and more importantly food. They will also have a brand new car from the year not an old car. A really nice house to live in with their lovely little family to support them. Specially to give a good retirement to their parents who worked hard for them to live a good life during the rough times.

Many people want to live this way, but not being able to go to college for being too expensive is holding them back, so the government should provide free college tuition to everyone who wishes to succeed in life. Furthermore, a negative outcome of providing free college education is that it might still stop many from actually finishing their degree on time or not receive it at all. According to American Enterprise Institute (AEI), “Providing a free public option might actually diminish some students’ chances of finishing a degree. Tuition caps might result in rationing, not increased enrollment.

This is because more people will want to attend college, and the colleges will be fully filled. There will end up not having enough space for everyone whole enrolls to go. The classes will get filled faster, meaning there will eventually be fewer classes. If there is fewer classes, it will take longer to complete the requirements to graduate. This will be cause by having less professors in colleges because from where will they get the money to pay them if college is free. This generates another problem which will not just hurt some people but everyone out there.

If college education is free from where will they get the money to pay the professors and to keep the colleges/universities? According to Scholar Advisor, “Making education free would mean the money has to be found from elsewhere. The only options available to the government would be to raise taxes or cut services elsewhere. ” Everything will rise and our personal needs will be more expensive. Also, some services will get cut off from some people such as food stamp, social security, and welfare. They will need to raise the taxes so they could get out more money to pay for the free college tuition.

Since the government pays all the services like welfare, it will be cut off to use that money for college tuition instead. Also, the paychecks amounts will be reducing since taxes increased, then we will be making less money as well now too. If the people barely make enough to live, now with higher taxes there will be an increase in poverty as well. In case if some of you did not know, there are many people that live by the government. By this I mean that many people receive aid from the government such as food stamps, welfare, medical insurance, and social security.

If the government takes away some of these services from them, to pay for free college tuition it will cause a big chaos. Then the people will just go out of control and go against the government, which could lead the government to lose control of many administrations. The choice of making college free is always not a good choice, it will be better just to lower the tuition cost and avoid many problems. In summary, if the government provides free college tuition there will be positive and negative outcomes.

The fact that college tuition is so expensive, and not everyone could afford to go to college is holding many people back from going to college. There will be more educated people, better futures, stronger economy and democracy, more jobs if there are more graduates which could occur if college tuition is free. Well, free tuition will make a better life, but also a struggle for their families and other people. Eventually the taxes will rise, prices will rise on everything, people will earn lower pay checks, and services will be cut off. Then, providing free college tuition is not fully the right choice.

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